Saturday, 1 October 2016

Birthday notes + the worst hair ever

More details from my birthday!

The babe booked a staycation at MBS for my birthday, which was amazing. I mean the room was next level amazing. They also gave us a room upgrade, just because it was my birthday. Also, that night, we caught 128 Pokemon in the bay area alone!

Check out the crazy view right beside the bed!

Sweetest husband also actually got me flowers delivered to the room! He hates to get me flowers and doesn't see their point - in fact, he only ever got me flowers exactly three times in our seven years together, so this was a huge deal!

Breakfast the next morning at level freaking 55, overlooking the Gardens. Preetttyy sweet view.

That weekend, we headed to celebrate Jemaine's birthday - or at least I thought it was only her birthday celebration. Haha.

I got there really early, so I made her open her birthday gifts first LOL. I got her a set of professional watercolour paints from ShinHan and, of course, a tea trio as is tradition!


Hahahahahhahaha Chloe following in mum's footsteps?

Snapchats from the SAB celebratory dinner with Prof. There were like only 9 of us and he made us drink a ton. It was a Monday night! Come on...

Yup, that's a single malt. A really good single malt. I hate my life.

This Monday, I was down with the worst fever and flu that I've had in a long time. :( It was horrible and I'm making baby wear a mask the next time he's sick. Oh yeah, he spread it to me.

Yesterday I just got the worst bang trim I've ever gotten in my entire life wtf. First time I've actually hated my hair since I started doing my hair at Hairplus. So this asshole girl touched my hair and she only speaks Korean and who the HELL THOUGHT I WANTED A CENTRE PARTING?! God. So angry.

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