Thursday, 26 February 2015

28 days of Snail Mail

I know, I know! I've been totally off the radar. Well, I've been super busy... Writing letters!

Here's the rest of the February month:

Day 8: A love letter to Zoe.

Day 9: Mimi from Florida who requested a letter.

Day 10: A Hawaiian with a beautiful name!

Day 11: Another Sara!

Day 12: I'm terrible at sticking stamps wtf. Experimented with not drawing guidelines and this is what happened. FML.

Day 13: One for an Indian penpal.

Day 14: It was Valentine's day, and this went to baby who had duty on that day. :(

Day 15: Patricia who requested a dip letter.

Day 16: Scotland! Wow.

Day 17: George requested a gothic-script styled quote, and I sent him a Fraktur style.

Day 18: This man is a professional calligrapher! Who knows how disgusted he will be by my script :x

Day 19: Israel, here goes!

Day 20: Ian didn't want one at first, but I eventually wore him down!

Day 21: Dear Elaine, sorry your envelope is so plain!

Day 22: Wing man requested one as well and he loves his!

Day 23: I dedicated the last week to writing to some of my idols. #fangirl

Day 24: This is for the author of the Time Traveler's Wife. I love your work Audrey!

Day 25: Took a wild chance on this one because I have no idea if he'll even get it. Hopefully he does!

Day 26: Same here, but I had to mention how big of a fanboy baby is about LOTR films.

Day 27: Sent to Schin Loong of OpenInkStand and tagged her in instagram, and she actually @replied me!!! #senpainoticedme

Also wrote thank you cards for my bosses and baby's clerk who ORDs next week. And his came out the nicest. HANDS ARE YOU EVEN FUCKING SORRY

Day 28: To the man who started all this. Thank you Eric for such an enjoyable month! I'm SO participating every year now!

Random photo of replies I sent to letter-writers whose correspondence I received - from the US, Spain, and the Philippines!

After a whole month of practice, I'm so glad I got into this. My calligraphy still does look terrible, but I have the hope that it'll keep improving from there. Also, I made a whole bunch of international friends! So happy. May Snail Mail never die!



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