Thursday, 1 January 2015

X'mas & New Year's dump

Hi everyone!

Happy Holidays! I've been SO busy over the festive season. Not too busy to take some OOTDs and meet up with old friends though :D


Coincidentally, one was on X'mas eve and the next was New Year's Eve.

Christmas eve dinner at Dev's - his mum cooked up a storm and Jem made her awesome devilled eggs. I ATE FOUR.

My Christmas present from this wonderful girl Jem <3

RAHHHHHH A ROYAL ALBERT MUG OMG!!!! I was literally telling GK a few weeks ago as we were walking in Takashimaya: "I'm buying this whole set for our house in the future."

THIS GIRL CAN READ MY MIND. She is some sort of psychic, beware, she will read your mind just by knowing you. Hehehehe. Amo te Jemmy <3

The boys all received a Christmas t-shirt from Shawn and they duly wore it all when we went out to The Patio. Hehe so cute 3 of them!

Met up with my Unexpected Journey folks a few days after Christmas. So lovely to see them all again and we talked way into the night <3

Spent Christmas Day working on these.

And hanging out with my boo!

The caption for this photo is: "Mama, can't you see I'm trying to poop?" HAHAHAHAH.

She surprised me with a beautiful X'mas gift - flopping at my feet, signifying her absolute trust omg omg I feel so loved!!!!

YES I know she looks like she's dead but I assure you she isn't.

Also made Christmas Hot Chocolate with tons of mini marshmallows and candy cane bits for baby and I! He LOVES this, lol.

Spent my NYE evening having dinner with baby and then I made him take photos with me. Haha. This was the photo I posted,

And the ones that didn't quite make the cut:

He can't make a proper kiss face for nuts, so that's why there were so many outtakes LOL. Yes, we spent our NYE at home because we had such a terrible new year's eve last year. Just wanted to spend some time together and decompress this time. It was a lovely low-key new year. I love you, baby!

Anyway, have a great 2015! <3

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