Monday, 26 January 2015

January photo dump!

Poor Smokey is growing too big for her cage so I ordered her an x-pen...

Here's a floor size space comparison - cage VS pen. It's much more open and she has more space to roam. Of course, she still gets free roam of my room anytime I'm home!

Happy rabbit in her new pen.

Had a picnic with the Famous Five the other night. My camera's damn shitty in the dark wtf.

This quote is the only thing Vanessa Abrams was good for in the entire series. -.-


My Wednesday outfit. I kind of hated this blazer because it's really large (boyfriend fit - excuse my stupidity) and it doesn't look right. But Shannie managed to make it look this good in my OOTD! WTF. I know, I can't pose for nuts. This photo was clearly an accident.

Went over to sis-in-law's for makan the other weekend. OMG she can cook. See that green and yellow dubious looking dish over there? That's Egg Keema, my freaking favourite type of scrambled egg in the world!

Smokey doesn't look very happy LOL. I'm not grabbing her, just gently holding her in place!


My newest carrot oblique holder from the Christmas haul. The wood is so pretty and it's really comfy to hold too! Goodbye, tendonitis (I hope!)


Also, my skirt is wrinkled.

Hogwarts tee and my hobo jeans to pick up schoolbooks. That's right, school started last week. GODDWHYYYYY

 On Sunday, F5 went to help Shawn paint Clarissa's house!

These are my painting clothes HAHAHAHAHAHA. They are dungarees and now they have some authentic looking paint stains on them!

Playing with ideas for Shawn x Clarissa's #laightwedding

So happy with a bowl of hay. Because, of course, the best hay is at the bottom...

Wore a midi skirt for my last #onwednesdayswewearpink.

I love this skirt but it's really hard to pose. Haha. I was literally standing at the side of the building. If the railing had given way...

Anyway, I can't make a normal face without looking sarcastic.

*internal screaming*

*internal screaming intensifies*

In the end I chose this one coz it shows off the skirt best!

Friday night's dinner for baby and I: Broccoli Pesto Chicken Pasta! I TOUCHED THE RAW CHICKEN BREAST. WITH MY BARE HANDS. I am woman, hear me roar.


Dim sum with the usuals :D DEV HAD FOOD IN HIS MOUTH LOL.

So I made them take another.

This girl I love too much. My soul mate. Amo te. <3

O hai baby I love you too. BUT I still love Jem more.

That is all! Wtf my posts are getting so boring. I'll try harder next time! I have a couple of wordy posts coming up.

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