Monday, 22 December 2014

It's time we talked about Smokey

This is our rabbit!

She's a Netherland Dwarf, apparently, and her name is Smokey (as in Smokey and the Bandit, except she's the bandit. So, Smokey is the Bandit, like the third remake). GK named her, because she's black but looks charcoal-ish in the light.

Proud bunny. Looking a little brown here!

Shy bunny. HAHA.

Smokey's BFF, a horse stuffed toy that the Marriott staff gave me for my birthday.

A lot of people say she looks huge in this picture. This is actually one of her favourite security spots, she'll often lie leaning against her cage wall after a romp in the room.

THE BANDIT'S DEATH GLARE LOL. I was actually holding her to check and see if she needed a nail trim! Trancing, or putting a bunny on their back, is not encouraged, so I made sure that her eyes were open all the way. If their eyes are closed, you may be in trouble. That means they're playing dead because they are convinced that they've been caught by a predator to be eaten. After being tranced, bunnies' heart and breathing rates will race! Definitely not good for them.

My two babies hehehehe. He is holding Smokey for the first time! My husband, being a man's man, has an awful fear of holding tiny animals and tiny humans alike, because he's terribly afraid he'll drop them.

Thus I wrapped Smokey loosely in one of her towels that I always keep near her cage so she can feel secure as well. Makes it easier for him to hold her too and surrounds her in her own scent. She looks comfy lying on daddy, doesn't she?

She's been with us for a month and in the past few days, she and I both made a discovery about herself: she loves getting petted!

I'm getting her used to some petting and carrying because I want her to be okay with handled, in case of emergency scenarios like whisking her to the vet or for a nail trim, outings that can't be avoided. It's important for a bunny to be social!

So I distracted her with a handful of fresh hay and stroked her continuously from head to butt, stroking her cheeks and gently manipulating the fur on the top of her head. I read that bunnies do the latter two actions to each other when bonding with and grooming each other, so. I'm doing it!

Smokey seemed to like it a lot and eventually turned her attention away from munching hay to giving herself entirely up to the petting! She turned her head toward me gradually and became a bunny sausage and her head went closer and closer to the floor LOL. But you can see from the photo that her feet are on the floor and not splayed out completely relaxed. I speculate that she still doesn't completely trust me and this stance means she's getting ready to run at any moment. :( BUT she likes pets! YAY!

Sausage bunny, lol. Look at her eye peering out at me suspiciously. Her stare didn't waver for a moment, even when I quickly groped for my camera and took this photo. As I am typing this, I miss the soft feeling of her fur under my hand! Can't wait to go home and pet her already. #overlyattachedmom

This is how much hay I put in her cage on a daily basis... Plus a hay ball dispenser, it's hanging on the roof of the cage so you can't see it. Because when I leave for work, I give her a breakfast of pellets but I worry that she'll be hungry while I'm gone.

And she's just huddled on her litter box like, "What is all this clutter I can't even"

Here she is helping out with some Christmas prep. HAHA. I always let her wander around the room when I am home and she is inquisitive about any new objects that surface. In the early days when she just came home with us, about five or so days after Kumar's birthday, she systematically marked the room by choosing choice spots with which to unleash pee -.- So it's her territory now!

I've started letting her out to run overnight in the room, all I needed was an x-pen fence for the doorway and she litter-trained herself. My smart bun. This morning I woke up and she was sitting in between my bedroom slippers guarding them from unseen predators. LOL. Then when she heard me stirring she tried to see what I was doing on the bed.

Hopefully when she gets older, she can be a completely free roam bunny! I just worry that my house has too many spots for her to hide and get herself stuck in, so now she is limited to my room, where she can't get stuck anywhere and is almost completely bunny-proofed. When she grows larger and is unable to get stuck anywhere, then I will allow her free reign. Which is... unlikely, since the Netherland Dwarf breed rarely gets larger than 4 pounds. But we'll see!

And that's Smokey! Soon hopefully, K and I will take proper photos with her. :)

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