Monday, 1 December 2014


Tom, how long has our affair lasted?

It's been way too long and I need to drop this Hiddleston habit.

But then again...

Sound like a villain: A villain should have a sense of understated threat. After all, there's no need to shout when you have this much presence. Unless, of course, you want to.

Dress like a villain: A villain should always have a sense of style. Something that says you mean business. The finest materials and craftsmanship. After all, it doesn't hurt to be ready to impress.

Plan like a villain: It's important for a villain to stay up to speed with the latest technology. For example, this little switch is just the beginning. With the sharpest of instincts, you can make the most of any opportunity.

Drive like a villain: A villain needs to think on his feet. But most importantly, always have a trick up his sleeve to ensure a clean getaway. To stay calm and controlled under pressure.

"A villain is in control. A villain is a mask of elegance and style, behind which is a worrying and brilliant intelligence. But the trick is to make it all look easy. I think the best bad guys are very charming, and very witty. And their villainy, as it were, comes at the twist of a wrist or flick of a finger. We never break a sweat, we don't get our hands dirty. And the devil plays all the best tunes, particularly in a British accent."

You said it, darling.

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