Monday, 15 December 2014


I'm so sad that I didn't manage to take that many photos :(

And so, they are married <3 <3 <3 It's so wonderful watching two people who love each other very much tie the knot. The feeling is indescribable.

Sorry but right now I'm going to ramble on about my feelings about the wedding for awhile. HAHA.

When Jem was being walked up the aisle by her dad, I saw Dev's face and it was filled with so much love as he looked at her. And I knew in that instant that all the people had melted away for him and he was watching his bride walk up the aisle to him and he couldn't contain how much he was smiling.

When they were saying their vows to each other I almost cried a gazillion times because I could see the sincerity in both their faces and hear it in their voices and it's so rare to find such pure love any more. Shawn and I were both holding back our tears :') :')

When they went from table to table and received congratulations from every single person, they were tired but the radiance on their faces couldn't be dampened by that. The happiness was making their faces literally glow with joy and it was such a beautiful thing to see. :') :')

As I said in my speech, I've seen Dev and Jem go through many obstacles to be together, but I never doubted this day would happen. Mostly coz of Jem's unfailing patience and big-heartedness that never fails to forgive Dev for every wrong he did. Can't wait to watch them grow old together.

Jemaine's glorious Pinterest-worthy hair omg *hearts in eyes* SO GORGEOUS WITH THE FLOWERS! I think Jem and Shawn really have a damn good eye for flowers. Can open flower shop next time and I will be the van driver HAHAH

My beautiful baby <3

Famous 5 forever!!!! Next photo like this will be Shawn's wedding xoxo

My baby and I hahaha. He's super happy that he finally managed to take a picture with me coz at weddings we never really get to take photos together. Plus how dashing does he look in that jacket?

Reception table set-up! So rustic looking right? I cannot believe that all these came out of Jem's brain... She's so creative I can't even.

Far shot of Shawn making sure all the flowers look absolutely perfect.

Little details <3

Last shot of baby and I in the back of Dev's car with heaps of flowers in their vases, bringing them to Spruce!

Filled with so much love for the both of them. Happy tears! :') CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN YOU TWO!

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