Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Prep!

Christmas is my favourite season, ohhhh yeah!

Here we go: 

Famous 5 presents! (Six now, hahaha.)

I was making ribbon bows for gift toppers and realized that since I have 3 very similar boxes, I should tie each one in a different style so that I can differentiate each!

Originally, I made this bow for Dev's gift:

And a similar one for Clarissa's gift:

So I went and googled different types of gift topper bows, and I learned to make this rose ribbon. OMG. So pretty! And it's really simple to make as well, I am unable to follow complicated tutorials. I used this to top Jem's gift. :D

Here are the completed 3 gifts, all wrapped and ready. I added some accents, OF COURSE. Mistletoe, pine cones, and other crap hehehe. They look all ready to be given out!

All that's missing is...

A Christmas card!

Aaaand done!

A family gift this year, for my dearest sister-in-law and her family... Wait a second. Something just doesn't belong here!

Alright, that's better. Packed all the goodies for them! Butter cookies in a snowman box, Redondo wafers in a snowflake tin, candy canes, hot chocolate mix, Belgian chocolate in a bear tin, eclairs, and of course, Starbucks Christmas coffee blend. I sure hope they enjoy it!

Tiny office gifts for Alex, Alvin, and Shannie!

Gift tags, calligraphed by yours truly.

Here's what I gave them! Mugs filled with hot chocolate kits - Hot choc mix, a bag of marshmallows, candy canes which are super yummy dipped in the chocolate, and chocolate eclairs. SO YUM.

Left it on their desks this morning :)

And that's it! So many things that I love about Christmas but gift-giving is probably my favourite aspect of all. <3

Have a happy Christmas everyone!

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