Monday, 24 November 2014

Paper & Ink Arts Haul!

YES! My haul has arrived and I took great joy in trying everything out the moment I got them. Haha, what else is new, right?

To everyone that hates reading my rambling on about calligraphy, I apologize... Wait, no I don't.

First up, we have...

Century Oblique Holder - USD19.95

I already have 2 oblique holders made by Speedball which I find pleasurable to use, but its main flaw is that it won't fit my vintage Esterbrooks. This wooden holder is... PERFECT! It's adjustable with pliers to fit most nibs but is most compatible with Hunt and Gillott. I found the angle it came with a little strange, but again, easily remedied so not an issue.

Hunt 100 Nib - USD1.39

Everyone raves about this nib, but I kind of just found it excessively scratchy. :/ Yes, the flex is generous and the hairlines fine, but it's so fine until it catches on my Rhodia pad. Would not recommend this. *unpopular opinion puffin*

Hunt Imperial 101 Nib - USD1.39


This is a pretty good nib I'd say! Good flex, acceptable ink capacity, and its hairlines are not so thin until its tines get clogged with fibres.

Good nib to use with thick, viscous inks as well, evidence below.

Winsor Newton Opaque Calligraphy Ink, Gold - USD6.50

It really is very opaque and shimmery. I had best results with the Hunt 101. Bought this for the upcoming Christmas season. The gold is very pretty too! Not too yellow and the hairlines produced with Hunt 101 were thick enough to be obvious. I'd say this is a great ink for border flourishing.

Winsor Newton Opaque Calligraphy Ink, White - USD4.50

Can't say I've tried many white inks, but this is definitely opaque and very, very thick... I tried using this with my Gillott 303 and it didn't work out great, possibly due to viscosity. Again, best results with the Hunt 101.

Hunt Imperial 101 nib sample! I couldn't sleep last night, so I tried out EVERYTHING IN MY HAUL! Lindsey from The Postman's Knock recommends Hunt 101 for white calligraphy and it really is pretty good. Top is the WN white and bottom is gold. They really are very opaque, which I love!!! I just shook the bottles up and dipped straight from them. Paper used was regular navy construction paper.

Paper Ink Arts' shipping is not terribly quick, and not cheap either at about USD14 for this haul, but I'd say it's well worth it, since Scribblers doesn't carry WN inks in these colours.

'Til next time!

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