Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's time for a dump!


Omg, now my updates are so irregular I can't even. The good news is, tomorrow onwards I'll be lots more regular because exams will be over!

Let's get the calligraphy stuff out of the way first, huh?

This is a wonderful quote by Fitzgerald in 'This side of paradise'. If you haven't read it, I really suggest you do.

Gave contempo a try but I can't make it with a straight holder, it's just my hands, I don't know why.

I managed these swirls though. I instagrammed this on Halloween!

 After getting my oblique holder, I can now get angles like this and it makes me so happy! :')

By the way, this is a Shakespeare quote from Coriolanus. OH MY GOD that man is such a poet!

A verse from Songs of Solomon.

The miracle known as an oblique holder. It actually positions your nib at the correct angle for copperplate so that the right-side tine will NOT catch on your paper and create all sorts of anarchy that has no place in copperplate.

This is kind of off-topic, but here's what my handwriting looked like in primary school lololol. Terrible.

That's it for calli updates, now on to...


Finally got some time to spend with my favourite couple :-*

We stayed over at Dev's JB weekend house and woke up bright and early the next day for fittings. First was breakfast at the coffeeshop near his place. Omg, so long since I've had tea and prata. Yum.

And because the light was perfecto,

In the dress shop while the guys wandered around elsewhere!

Omg <3 <3 I couldn't have been less excited for my own wedding, because everything was mostly chosen for me. But it uplifts my heart to see my girl choosing her own gowns and veils because INDEPENDENT WOMEN YEAH!

Obviously not going to reveal which is The Dress, but here are some sneak previews...

She looks just like a princess in this super gorgeous number with the long long train!



Lolol, my attempt at being artistic.

 After that we went to watch Fury and then I had such a terrible headache we had to leave like 80% through. I am soooo sorry guys!! :( :( Feel so bad!

Le sigh. Fucking headaches...

Anyway, here's what you missed for my #onwednesdayswewearpink OOTDs.

Pink Boho shirt from AWE.

This was actually my very first pink outfit for the series! It's a tank top from F21, lol like $5 or something.

Was having tea with Jem the other day and she took this for me. Thanks Jemmy!



I was studying for exams and this was so comfy!! I stayed home the whole day. So my OOTD is... pajamas. YES.

The beginning of a new series, #fandomfridays ! I don't know if I'll do this regularly though.

Met up with Ianny for dinner and our inaugural Yuletide Toffee Nut date. Every year Starbucks keeps Toffee Nut lattes on their seasonal drinks menu! Nothing tastes more Christmassy to me.

Dinner at Trattoria Lafiandra first in my continual search for excellent local tortellini. So far, I'm not impressed...

Looks like Ian is though.

It was pouring hard outside but we managed to get a seat at Cathay's Starbucks yay! I made him take a selfie with me and our cups, BUT the quality of my S5's front camera was so frightful I asked him to use his iPhone's camera instead...

Baby and I went for his blazer fitting at Far East Shopping Centre!


Awwwwh what a cutie I married <3

WALAU DAMN WHITE. Okay, anyway this is a boater hat that... Doesn't really suit my face. I don't geddit.

In the shop!

Idk why, when baby takes photos of me I always look really short and chubby. :(

Nevertheless, OOTD!

I made the boys clear up ALL their stuff hahaha. Here's Mil sorting through a pile of unopened mail from like last year...

And my brother deciding what to keep/throw. LOOK AT THE LIVING ROOM. It's like so cluttered. Mom watches from the shoe cabinet. Hahahahaha

Look, I found my brother's secondary school calculator. It's covered from top to toe in decals!


Aaaaaand in the pile of unopened letters was... A parcel for me. I bought this last year on eBay and when it didn't arrive I didn't really take note of it because it was like $5?

So we happened to find it and I was glued to it for the rest of the day!

Some random photos...

Evening tea with baby at Dome the other night.

What? I came from work!

WALAU DAMN MODEL SIOL. Baby was trying out new pants at Uniqlo!

I went crazy at Spotlight the other day because CHRISTMAS! They had all these Flat Fats, they're called, I think they're for quilting or something, and they had a Christmas-themed section for them!! Of course I bought, like... Okay, I bought four and decided to turn them into Christmas tea towels. Currently hemming them because they're literally raw squares of fabric.

Teatime again! This is the heart-shaped Modcloth set baby got me for my birthday <3

I noticed something about my Colcloughs...


Weekends with my baby :D He accompanied me to Art Friend and then we had Rocky Master's at Bras Basah.


So I found a better hang out the other day before school. The Bukit Timah Starbucks!

Random photo of baby doing the dishes. Hehehe! No man ever looked better standing at the sink!

So my grandma's 1960s Singer Sewing Machine has the original receipt with it. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE KEPT IT FOR 50 YEARS. This piece of paper is so much older than me!

I secretly wrapped baby's gift and kept it in my cupboard and he was so clueless he didn't even suspect that it was in there!

Baby's birthday at Pan-Pacific Orchard. Their service is excellent, by the way... I booked the Pacific Club room and we were served tea upon arrival and an exclusive check-in.

At midnight, like 3 of the Pan-Pac staff brought a cake in and sang him a birthday song OMG <3 Hehehe! They even called before they arrived, so considerate. And they arrived ON TIME. I'm looking at you, Marriott staff... *narrows eyes*

Birthday boy :D:D


"Really??? Finalllyyy??"

Thanks to Jem for the lobang and helping me lock down the deal with your friend! And also carrying it all the way to Holland V for me!! Thank you thank you *kisses to Jem*

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY. Please enjoy your present and just a friendly reminder that you are now in your LATE TWENTIES HAHAH. I love you so much!

And also a friendly reminder to everyone that there are only 38 DAYS LEFT TO CHRISTMAS DAY. Thank you.

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