Saturday, 4 October 2014

#warrenzoewed 1 Oct 2014. Wednesday!

They're married!!!

The day is finally over, and it was non-stop excitement from top to finish.

Here's the few photographs I managed to shoot through the day. And the timeline starts from...

Tuesday night, 10:00PM

Jemaine and I were supposed to wear this dress, because #onwednesdayswewearpink! But her zipper broke, so we ended up wearing another dress instead. We were the emcees for the reception dinner. While waiting for her to fix the dress, I calligraphed Zoe and WC's wedding card and pow-ed her ang pow. Not bad, if I say so myself.

Tuesday night, 11:30PM

I pack all my stuff and head over to Zoe's house at Jalan Salang, where prep is already happening for the gatecrash! All the sisters are here to pre-prepare the foodstuff so that no time will be wasted in the morning.

Nandu and I cut up chili padi...

While the rest chopped up bittergourd and lemons!

Wednesday morning, 12:00AM

We are done with all the pre-prep! Loaded them into the fridge and Jemaine, Nandu and I went to Nandini's house to try to sleep for a few hours before we had to be back there at 3:00AM.

Only thing is, I didn't sleep because Nandu forgot to bring the chalkboard for the reception signage to Zoe's, so we had to return to Nandu's house to prepare the board. And while Jemaine and Nandini were catching forty winks, I was furiously decorating the board. Didn't manage to take a picture though!

Wednesday morning, 1:45AM

I finish the chalkboard design, shake Nandini awake and we go shower, change and wake Jem up to shower and get ready.

Wednesday morning, 3:30AM

Load everything into Nandu's car, swing by Macs for some much needed caffeine and light bites. We head to Zoe's to get everything else ready and presentable so the photographers could take pictures.

Here was the list of food for the brothers to finish at the gatecrash:

Sour: Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar mixture
Sweet: Rose syrup and condensed milk, no water added
Bitter: Blended bittergourd and cocoa powder mixture
Spicy: Some crazy Korean spicy instant noodle, boiled and mixed with chili padi

While the bride got ready.

Last minute preparation...

And a last minute selfie!

Wednesday morning, 5:30AM

The groom and his xiong di arrive in a two-car convoy, amidst much honking and fanfare, only to find locked gates!

Oh, it was my job to Skype with le bride so she could give instructives and see what was happening too.

After paying up, they can come in!

Jess enjoying her job as gatekeeper very much, hahaha

They down everything with much trouble.

A few other tasks later...

They officially are allowed in the building!

You, sir, are allowed to greet your bride!

And put on her shoes for her...

Perfect fit!

And we leave for a photoshoot and like three tea ceremonies!

Being ceremonially escorted out by her dad. The red umbrella is to ward off evil spirits and bad wishes, because the bride on her wedding day is believed to be the most beautiful girl in the world and evil spirits will be rife with jealousy.

Holding her gown up for her... Aww, see you can already tell he's going to be a great husband!

Their adorable wedding car, a cream mini cooper.

Wednesday morning, 8:00AM?

We go to Sembawang Park for a mini photoshoot, because it's not always we're dressed in our best!

While they do this...

We do this!

HAHAHA. All the girls so sweet!

Oh yes. So every time the bride gets into her car, it looks like this:

Because it takes at least a small crowd of people to successfully help her and her petticoat, gown, hairstyle and long legs into the car without squashing anything or anything moving out of place!

She changed into her traditional kwa, which of course I promptly took many pictures of.

Traditional noodles that must be eaten by the couple to signify a very long and fulfilling wedded life together!

Wednesday afternoon, 2:30PM

We get to Concorde Hotel and it's a mad rush to shower all the sweat and dirt of the day off, stuff ourselves into our best dresses and suits, and powder our faces and get down for the solemnization.

Wednesday evening, 5:30PM

They're officially married, the ROM license says so!

The back of her ROM dress and hairstyle <3

Wednesday evening, 7:45PM

It's time! 

Fellow emcee Jem and I rehearsed til our throats were sore...

Managed to catch one selfie with le bride. Love you so much, girl.

Didn't even manage to take a pic with my baby but Nandini did and he duly wore a suit <3

Phew. Now, next is #DEVJEMWED!

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