Monday, 20 October 2014

Here to take a dump again.

*small voice*

Don't hate me because I've been too busy to update!!

After the wedding, you'd think I'd be super free but the truth is, I've been SO busy... Doing this:

Yes! Studying. My exams are in November, so I've been mugging like a champ these past few weeks. Also assignments. OKAY ENOUGH OF BORING SCHOOL CRAP!

Holy hell, I have (sort of) a thigh gap!?!?!?!?!??!

*freaks out* I've never had one before!

Baked brownies the other day for baby because he urges me to make them more often. It's against our diet, though, so I'm controlling the portions, haha. It was a special occasion though because we were heading to his sister's place. So I baked an extra pan for her family :D

Love to spend time with the sis and these two cutiepies!!! OMG HOW CUTE SRSLY.

The eyes O.O

Us on our way home.

Awww <3

Selfie time!

My Slytherin D.MALFOY jersey from WBshop.

On Wednesdays, what do we wear!?

I got this dress from The Closet Lover like months back, but I actually fit in it now after losing 8kg. Actually, it's a little loose.


Crop top from The Stage Walk + pencil skirt. This makes my stomach look super flat!


I thought my essay would be funnier drunk.

... Turns out it really wasn't, I wrote some rubbish, submitted, fell into a drunken stupor, slept until noon, and then woke up in a panic wondering wtf I submitted. 8% plagiarism score, not too bad though.

I'm better off drinking tea. Also, this is the Serena and I ordered 3 Colcloughs and 2 Queen Anne Yuletides online!

Practising calligraphy a lot more nowadays.

Until I developed mild tendonitis, that is. I've been icing my wrist a lot and using pain relief bandages though!

Saturday shopping with baby! I took him to get fitted for a bespoke blazer and hopefully the workmanship will be up to standard!

:O:O:O sometimes I can't believe I am so lucky.

My significantly less impressive #OOTD, hahaha, yes we both wore white to match.

Got a convertible maxi for Jem/Dev's rustic ROM in pastel shades of Tiffany blue. It looks a lot brighter here though!

Decided on a Grecian theme with a burnished gold headband and double-shouldered buckle-waist wrapping style.

That's all folks! Wish me luck for exams :D / D:

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