Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Let's Catch Up. #2 + Photo Dump

I know, I know!

Terribly busy since my birthday until I haven't even blogged in a month. I'm not dead, just insane with schoolwork and work and other stuff.

Sigh. Alright, what's been going on with me?

Met Nandu for drinks at Holland V and brought tiny Loki along!

He had a good time chillin' like the villain he is.

Vain sonofabitch. (Technically Laufeyson, hahahaahahahaha)

Getting my hot roller on.

Jem and Dev met me up to gimme a birthday present that weekend. I LOVE BROWN PAPER PACKAGES SO MUCH. And she drew a teacup heheh. My artistic soulmate <3<3<3

My beautiful cake stand, birthday present from Jem! OMG!!!! My Pip studio capp cup and saucer next to it, because it's the exact same design!

HOW gorgeous is it?! I love you Jem and thank youuuuu <3

Loki approves of pink florals.

Backdated #onwednesdayswewearpink

I love the C1 preset from VSCOcam!

Made Broccoli and Chicken Breast Pesto Pasta for babylove and I the other time.

Baby says he wants a manly bowl, so I made him use one with a cock on it. HAHAHAHAHA.

MMMMAHAHAHAHA. I made myself giggle.

Baby says he liked the pasta. I'm not sure I believe him, with this face...

Dad said it was good, too!

Random selfie.

Teatime with my baby the other day.

PINK TULLE SKIRT OMG from the Tinsel Rack. It's really pretty and I paired it with a cozy sweater because it rained a few days straight in late August.

How gorgeous and puffy is it?

My favourite breakfast these days simply comprises green grapes and tea. YUM I LOVE GRAPE

Zoe's Hen Party!

The night before, we met up to decorate her congratulatory cake at the Icing Room at NEX.

Girls having fun and getting carpal tunnel doing the decorations heehehe

Finished cake!

SO PRETTY <3 Jess did the beading one by one.

While I went home and wrapped Zozo's gift (Craftholic wedding dolls) I realized wrapping gifts is really my forte. And it's so fun!

The next day, on the cab to meet them.

Firstly, we kidnapped her from her house and brought her to Prive for brunch! I swear that girl looks skinnier everytime I see her. MUST feed her up so she doesn't tire herself out before the wedding.

My egg white omelette. It's so super yummy!

Me and bride-to-be!

Devilish smiles on bridesmaids' faces...

Le bride tries out flatlay.

Us at the harbour! After this, we all took individual polaroids because we did a corkboard keepsake for her with personalized notes and we tacked the photos to the board too.

Went to Xscape at Bugis to play the escape room game. It was SO FUN! We managed to solve it with barely a milisecond left to spare before our hour was up. And we were super amazed by how smart we were after finishing. Hahahahaha.

Then, Marina Barrage to cut cake.

After this, they went for drinks at Neil Road and I didn't join because I went to meet my baby :D Plus, I don't drink anyway.

The next day was Alvin's wedding at Mandarin Orchard. It was great to catch up with my girls again! Haven't seen them for so long and I've been starved for gossip.

This was me on the cab over to Mandarin. I chose a lilac convertible dress last minute to wear because my Modcloth outfit didn't arrive in time.

Made chicken and fruit salad with Greek yogurt the other day. First things first... When the websites say mayonnaise can be substituted with Greek yogurt and spices, IT'S BULLSHIT!!! Didn't taste a thing like mayo and the recipe was just weird with the fruit. But those grapes were the sweetest I've ever tasted.

More roses.

Random insert of baby with a baby. Hehe. the both of them are so adorable I can't even.

Cold Storage roses plus baby's favourite Peacock Blue teacup.


Pink Houndstooth shift dress from Lilypirates that makes me look kinda pregnant...

Another OOTD I took but never posted. I was trying to channel the 60s with the Malt Shop top and pencil skirt.

Pink Botanic dress from Flaunt. I LOVE. A little too poofy though!

Favourite breakfast. Magnolia UHT Hi-Cal-Low-Fat is my favourite UHT.

Kisses for my baby!

Picked up my Potted Potter tix for Ian and I!

This is what I wore:

Green Malfoy tee from Redbubble and the Tinsel Rack plaid pleated skirt.

Fellow Slytherin :D

I was doing calligraphy for Zoe's wedding invitations the other day while brainstorming for angles on a FIFA 2014 ECA script.

Letting my lace slip show under my dress the other day!

I baked brownies for baby's clerk (Melvin)'s birthday the other day, because Melvin has been such a great help to him. I told baby to get Melvin a gift for his upcoming birthday, and he said, "No baby coz guys don't do that." -.- So I was like, FINE. I'll bake him brownies and write him a card and you can just deliver it.

I left quality control to my bbb because I'm still on my diet.

Baby and I booked a car for the weekend before last because someone just got his license a couple months ago and has been raring to drive out!

Rider's Cafe...


My cutie pie who drove us there.

I had a scramble and sausage (that I didn't like).

Baby had the Brioche French Toast. YUMMY.

Ooh yes pastry basket!

Hahaha I was trying to take a teatime photo with the sign in focus... And look at my baby photobombing. LOL.

After brunch we drove to Choa Chu Kang Farmway to kepoh animals, hahaha.

Look at the catfish sticking their barbels out of the water. *reaches over and pokes barbel* Okay, I didn't do that but I felt like it!

Idk what's with my parting but baby looks adorable.

It's been awhile since my last bangs trim...


Turtles who were climbing on each other and it's ironic that they were way more active than...

THE FROGS. Who didn't move an inch when we stood and stared rudely into their enclosure for super long, hahaha. And then one swam to the other side.


Are you Rogue in animagus form? #crossfantasy


This cock is so vain, haha. He's always photo ready. His hen is camera shy, though.

I concur.

Love birds that were sooooo cute! I leaned next to the cage for awhile and said hello! Hello! in a birdy voice to them and this yellow one closest to the bars replied me!

Look at it sizing me up. Hehehehe. I got pecked by my mom's friend's pet parrot before and ended up with a bleeding digit, so I didn't get too close...

Look at you, your cute cute twitching nose you.


Baby thought it was a piglet -.-

They are hairless and move sooooo fast!

Baby bunnies! So adorable but it's really sad they're all in this tiny cage together. They seemed generally peaceful though.

HAHAHA there was a small crab in a tank nearby and when we drew to face level with it, it stared at us and snapped its claws menacingly. HAHAHAHAHAHA I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING AT HOW HILARIOUS THIS IS. Can you see its eyes poking out from the water? STARE WHAT STARE? I'll cook you and eat you for lunch.

Happy baby.

Revisited the site of our engagement. Lower Pierce Reservoir Park.

My fabulous baby who drove us all around Singapore! He's a good driver so he kept his eyes on the road as I snapped this picture. After like three plus years (has it been that long?) of having my license, I've grown tired of driving and I prefer people to drive me around ehehehe.

And I'm so lucky that I have a hubby who loves to drive and enjoys coming to pick me up from places :D:D:D

The next day, we went to Paddington House of Pancakes for breakfast.

Tea, of course.

Baby had the sweet pancakes with ice cream, marshmallows and chopped nuts. It's super yummy.

And I had the savoury. Served with Mexican scramble and turkey bacon, maple syrup. SO AWESOME. I want to taste it in my mouth again.

Headed to Marina Barrage.

Don't think I don't see your sarcastic smile ah baby. *I'm watching you Barney meme*

Look at my weird eye colour!

Baby realized I was taking a picture and finally smiled.


Went to somewhere near SAF Ferry Terminal to watch planes landing.

And then Coastal Settlement for dinner.

Pepperoni pizza. It was average and so dim in the restaurant that I had to lighten this by many shades.

Last photo, taken today! Coz when else when you wear pink polka dots?!

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