Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pack Review

Wow, so many words in a sentence. Just going to quickly blog about this before bed.

I really love the products of Skin Food. Their liquid eyeliner is literally the only eyeliner I can use that doesn't create raccoon circles under my eyes. To be honest, I really don't know why all other eyeliners don't work for me. I've tried pencil, gel, and liquid, and all types of brands from drugstore to high-end but all of them end up smudging.

Enter an eyeliner that my aunt bought for me from Korea. When I used it, I was freaking amazed that there was not a single smudge. The label was all in Korean, so I asked my aunt and apparently she bought it from Skin Food, which has Singapore branches too.

You may be wondering why I am yammering on about an eyeliner when I am supposed to talk about the Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask. That's because when I ran out of eyeliner, I made a trip to Skin Food Bugis to buy more, and that's when I came across...

(Picture stolen from Qoo10)

From my scant knowledge of beneficial oils, Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil are supposed to be the top two oils for hair. At the time I bought it, my hair was in OK condition, plus I didn't have much time. So I kept the mask pack all the way from mid-2013 until now. There's an expiry date, which is like 2015? So I guess it's still ok to use.


Basically, it's a two-step treatment. After shampooing your hair, squeeze out the extra water. Tear open the pack, and use the mixture in Step 1 to coat your strands evenly without touching the scalp. It feels like a conditioner. Although it's branded as 'Argan Oil Silk', it didn't feel oily at all... So I don't know if there's any actual oil in it.

Anyway, after that, tear open Step 2 and you'll find a shower cap that is soaked in some sort of serum. Put it over the hair with Step 1 treatment on it, massage into hair, and leave the entire shebang for about 10 minutes, before washing off.

The website says to shampoo lightly when you wash it off, but I didn't.

It smells like strong shampoo, so I'm not too bothered by the smell. Also, you won't really notice much of a difference when your hair is wet, but when it's dry you can literally see the difference. I left my hair to air dry... It took about four hours to completely dry. T.T

My hair was shinier, smoother, and even slightly flatter. And it felt so touchable and fabulous! I wanted to go and buy more of these masks right away! After all the volume rebonding that I do to my hair (I get my hair done every 5 months or so) it's not especially damaged, because they do a treatment, but I still feel that it could use some improvement.

Side note: One more reason why I love Skin Food products: Their Egg White Face Masks. AWESOME STUFF. It makes your pores smaller and gets the gunk out and makes your face look smoother and more radiant. TRY IT.

It's late, and I'm really sleepy, so... Goodnight!

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