Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Week In Pictures

My Wednesday ritual. Top is from Lilypirates and skirt from MDS. #onwednesdayswewearpink

On Thursday, my brother, Mil, Kumar and I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy at the Cathay and it was actually pretty good! I thought it would be a stupid movie but it had a good mix of humour and serious stuff, and was actually pretty easy to follow.

Also, how good was the soundtrack? It's all classic songs from the seventies. I love 70's music!

Dinner at Ambush beforehand. My beef meatball paella. It was actually pretty yummy!

Practicing Fraktur calligraphy.

Friday night was spent with the mates! I brought Jemaine's and Dev's gifts for them *_* Jem is practicing amazing self restraint by waiting until her actual birthday (Wednesday) to open it!

So I was really bored at work and I was Snapchatting absolute nonsense. Lolol

 Dinner at Big O!

My cheeseburger. It wasn't great :(

Dessert at Bakerzin after.

Oh, do you know how people fake selfies?

This is how.



Tea in bed with my new watermelon pj's on Saturday morning!


It's from Modcloth because I shared my wishlist with him. I kind of already know what's inside, because of this label. LOL. Anyway, baby's forbidding me to open it until the weekend before my birthday...

Spent the evening with Nandu. We went to Robertson Walk!

Cutiepie :D

My breakfast on Sunday, :( I had cramps.

Baby accompanied me to Ikea after to get a new couch. We decided on this one!

Also bought this Swedish sweet called Bilar. I love this stuff!

He also needed to take ID photos, so we took one together too!

Dinner at Xin Wang after!

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