Monday, 4 August 2014

Modcloth Haul #3


(FYI, this is my 100th post!)

By the way, my current earworm is 'Come And Get Your Love' by Redbone. One of the best 70s songs ever! My mum used to love music from the 70s because she was born in 1951, so she would have been in her twenties then. And she mostly was into ballads like the Carpenters and not rock and roll, or maybe I would've gotten into like Led Zeppelin and the Allman Brothers and Queen earlier.

Anyway, here we go with my haul!

Simply Smooth Waist Corselet in Pearl - USD49.99

Omg this is so gorgeous and functional. It smooths out all your lumps and bumps and gives me an illusion of a waist, which I really like. It also flattens my tummy a little. :D The garter straps can be removed so you can just wear it as a girdle. The only bad part is that when you wear it under extremely tight clothing, the ridges from the hook and eye closures kind of poke through your clothing, which defeats the point. Idk.

But definitely worth the price. In fact, when I took it out of the box and tried it on, I immediately went to my computer and bought the exact same one in a smaller size and in black, because that's how much I like it. You can read the reviews to see how much other people like it too!

Chevron the Waves One-Piece Swimsuit - USD21.99

This was on sale (usual price $43.99) and I got it because it looks so vintage cute! I realized that on Modcloth, the clothing in the larger sizes sell out first, which is probably good for me. Also, I only have one swimsuit in black and it's really hard to find vintage-style swimsuits here. MODCLOTH FTW!

Cooking Owl Day Apron - USD27.99

Hahaha, how cute is this apron? I need more aprons. You might remember that I already have a vintage-style floral one from eBay, but since I cook every day now, my apron gets dirty really quickly and it needs to be washed. Thus! Also, it has a front pocket which I love to use for my phone or other stuff. The material is slightly thick and feels absorbent, which is great because I always wipe my hands on my apron. Colours are also really vibrant. The apron is slightly smaller than I expected, which is fabulous because I'm small too.

Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Cherry Pie - USD62.99

HOW CUTE is this bathing suit by Esther Williams?! Again a vintage one-piece and a halter top, which I love. It's out of stock, sadly, but it was on sale when I got it (usual price USD89.99) and I was pretty sure that was the lowest price it was going to go, so I bought it. Also, because of my little tummy pouch, I don't wear bikinis. >:(

I am so in love with this bathing suit! If you buy this series, you definitely have to size up because the sizes run super small! I am a small UK 6 and I decided to get an 8. Good thing I did, I wouldn't have been able to get it past my bum otherwise! It's really flattering because it doesn't make your thighs and bum look like cottage cheese, and the chest runs a tiny bit larger than I'd like (maybe I'm just small-chested) but it offers lots of support.

For a swimsuit that makes me feel so good about myself, I'd say USD62.99 was more than worth it.

Darth Baker Apron - USD24.99

Bought this for Milton because he likes Star Wars and he cooks a lot! Haha!

Necklace in Wonderland - USD24.99

Um, this is actually supposed to be part of Alice's Jemaine's birthday gift but it arrived late :( I thought it would come so much earlier! Isn't this cute? I hope she wears it at her party! It's actually filled with tiny treats and varies from chocolate chip cookies to heart-shaped cookies to strawberry danishes and the bottle says 'Eat Me'. They're not edible though. With the peek I took at her bottle, I'm pretty sure hers are the heart shaped cookies but I'm not too sure.

The End! I just ordered another whole bunch of stuff, so stay tuned for Modcloth #4. :P

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