Thursday, 14 August 2014

Happy birthday to me :D:D:D Marriott + High Tea

Been so busy these few days it's insane! Alright, here we go.

Baby and I have gone for many staycations. We've stayed at Ritz Carlton, Siloso Beach Resort, Hotel Fort Canning, Amara Sanctuary Resort, Mandarin Orchard, Quincy, Moon Hotel... Wanderlust Hotel was our very first staycation. So for my birthday, I decided on the Marriott Hotel.

We went there for the breakfast buffet once when we were dating, and it remains the best breakfast buffet we've ever experienced in a local hotel. Lol, but we didn't go for the breakfast when we actually stayed here -_-|||

The lobby of the Marriott has some fabulous natural lighting. This is a no filter shot:

And so are these!

Doesn't my skin look amazing? I FUCKING SWEAR NO FILTER.

Anyway, our room wouldn't be ready for awhile, so we dropped off our baggage and baby brought me for high tea!!! :O:O:O :D:D:D

I have wanted to try the high tea forever. Like, TWO YEARS. I've just never really had the chance to go there. Their high tea is served from 3:00PM to 5:00PM and we were early, so we took the opportunity to take many pictures.

Oh my! Is this what I'm married to?! :D:D:D Lucky me.

#OOTD WHUT UP. More like #actonly ... Anyway, this dress is from Allwouldenvy. I love it very much. It's also a perfect tea dress! Not too good for a buffet though, because it's not stretchy and it's tight around the midsection.

Some photos from the very dimly-lit lobby of the St. Regis.

Fringe, Y U NO co-operate?

Baby was trying to mush his lips into a straight line. HAHAHA.


Aaaaaand here we are.

This is the buffet! Okay not many pictures because I was holding up the line. They have five different flavours of scone, three or four different savoury puffs, and probably two dozen varieties of cake and pudding.


Also a chocolate fondue fountain.

Small decorations at the buffet table!

We didn't realize there was also a three-tier, OMG. Definitely overate.

This is a set for two. The top tier has Pumpkin Soup, which was perfect - mild and sweet at room temperature. And next to it is the Chicken Pot Pie, the most amazing pot pie I've ever tasted in my LIFE.

Second tier was Bread Pudding with Chocolate Sauce (pretty good) and Avocado Quiche, which I didn't try.

The third tier held like eight finger sandwiches omg. Salmon, tuna, egg mayo and tomato. Yummy, but still wayyyy too much.

Additionally, can you believe we ate all these from the buffet?

Pouring his tea #likeasir

Damn handsome can?! I love this shirt of his, it's tailored to fit him and it makes his shoulders look really broad and waist look really tapered. *ham sup smile*

The St Regis tea room is pretty breathtaking.

Took a sip of my tea (EBT) and it tasted rather familiar... And then I saw the tea bag.

Since I was sitting in front of the window, this photo was taken with flash.

"I dare you to ask me if I can finish all this."

After stuffing ourselves silly, we rushed back to the Marriott. Because it was my birthday, they upgraded us from the Standard Room to the Pool Terrace!

It's right in front of the pool and has its own little porch!

Being greeted with the sight of a plush white hotel bed, bathtub, mood lighting and fluffy bathrobes always makes me super happy.

It's an outdoor concept bathroom but it's inside. That textured wall behind the mirror is accessible and looks like it's outside, but it's totally part of the room, just covered by a glass roof. Natural lighting is the best!

Full length mirror.

And toiletries!

Marriott is a luxury international brand and is rated five stars. Nobody can deny their professionalism 

So we had just got into the room and were freshening up (read: not dressed) when a housekeeping staff opened the door!?!!?

Luckily, baby got to the door in time to push it shut before the staff came in, otherwise that guy would have gotten an eyeful. Turns out he just wanted to give me this:

It's a little birthday gift from Marriott, I guess. Hahahahahaha. Hilarious in hindsight. But not very funny when we were undressed and some guy was trying to come into the room.

The view from the porch. :D:D:D

It's not Wednesday, but I'm wearing pink. Whut whut

So baby apparently asked the Marriott staff to deliver a birthday cake at 12:00MN. They rang our doorbell at 2:30AM. -.-

The next morning, we woke up bright and early and decided to go to the pool. I brought my new Modcloth swimsuit! Ian's always telling me to go to the beach and I posted this on Instagram telling him I took his advice. And so we got into the pool, and it rained after ten minutes. -_-|||

So we took a long bath and then went to have tea at the Pool Grill.

Baby was hungry, so he ordered lunch!


So sweet this girl!!! <3 <3 <3 Love her sooooo much.

Then she took a long lunch and accompanied us to Wild Honey. This is the foam on my tea which formed into a heart shape.

And that's all!

Now, my week in pictures!

Stayed home on Wednesday, but I was wearing pink PJ's. Hahah how about that!

Used my vintage Gracie China snack set. The cup is really tiny and cute, but still well enough for me to dunk my shortbread in it :)

Damn, the teal colour of this shabby chic set is really gorgeous IRL. I hope I managed to capture it well in this shot.

Had a pre-birthday celebration with my family on Sunday since I wasn't going to be around on the actual day. Kor and Milton got me a VDL Expert Lip Cube, which is a lipstick with angled edges like a cube, so it's easy for me to apply on my cupid's bow! And also pink nail polish. :))))) Idk they are so observant to realize that my cupid's bow area is actually pointed. Look at my photos for ref!

Anyway, birthday cake from Breadtalk. Not bad, actually.

Dad made oven baked chicken breasts, a salad, and mashed potatoes for dinner and we feasted!

So baby finallyyyyy let me open the box of presents from Modcloth and here's what I got!

Omg exciting!

The very first thing I saw was a huge, round, hatbox-like thing, so I opened it up...

The Dream and Sugar Tea Set!! Omg so pretty and they arrived all intact... Along with a pair of Gallery Opener Heels in Black and one more thing. ^_^

My weekly Mango.

This is the candle I brought to the office. It's a limited edition Salted Caramel candle from Yankee. And it smells sooooo amazing!

Tried out the Buttermilk Chicken Fingers from Croute. Verdict? AMAZING. That dip looks innocuous but it's really the most amazing thing ever. EVER.

Another Wednesday outfit. Looks like I'm overdue! This dress is from MGP Label and it's actually coral... BUT CORAL IS A PINK. Orange-pink.

I've been having lots of fun with Snapchat recently.

My breakfast a few days ago...

So I have a Loki figurine (it's Marvel Universe King Loki 3.75" #12 I think) and he looks like this, close up:

And he's really poseable, but NOT POSEABLE ENOUGH! The one I really wanted was this one:

It's vastly different, the bottom one is Marvel Select and look at how detailed it is!

Anyway, I still love my Loki.

The caption for this was: "Stop to smell the roses"

Chillin' like a villain.

So we got back from Marriott and I got TWO Modcloth packages!!! One more corselet and lots of other stuff. I'm going to post a haul post again SOON.

I also got...


Okay, that's it. Wow, this post took really long. Three days. KTHXBYE

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