Friday, 25 July 2014


It's finally Friday! I thought this week would never end. This week, I started school and I'm taking two modules this term: Public Relations and Writing for TV and Radio. Both should be pretty fun, I'm actually quite looking forward to more classes.

My new hair early in the week. Yes, it's a toilet. Haha.

Boss came back from his Bachelor Party in Taiwan and he bought these things! I think they are called 'Tai Yang Bing' or Sun Cakes. Damn yummy lahhh my fave *_* He bought an entire box for me!

Individually packed goodness.

My Wednesday outfit. This dress is actually pretty old, from Catwalkclose, but I still adore it. Also, did you get a fright after seeing this picture? HAHA I think I actually look pretty ghostly here.

Dream of the Crop Cardigan from Modcloth! It's so super useful because all my dresses have a similar waistline, and regular cardigans just don't sit right on my frame. It's also 3/4 sleeved, and yet amazingly soft and warm. It only comes in Navy, Black, Red and Green, though.

My strudel ritual before class. Brought one home for baby!


On Thursday, I had Apple Crepe instead. It's pretty good too!

Thursday module.

Dinner at Breko @ Holland V after with Nas <3 Both of us were like starving.

Root beer float fyeahh! This boy drinks coffee at night, haha.

His burger. It actually looked pretty good.

My chicken mushroom baked rice. Meh.

Some other stuff I want to talk about...

The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is out. DAFUQ DID I JUST SEE. Never let it be said that I don't give stories a chance. I even read all of the Twilight series, just in case it was really good. (Spoiler alert: It's not.) So when all the hype about Fifty Shades was at its climax (ehehehe), I read the PDF. And I struggled like hell to get through the book because it was so terribly written, descriptive phrases were constantly and shamelessly recycled, it was hella draggy, and the ending was... well, hilarious.

Also, my brain kept making connections to Twilight. The main character describes herself as pale-skinned, brown-haired, 'klutzy' and uncoordinated, unaware of own allure and uncomfortable in feminine attire of any kind. Bella Swan is pale-skinned, brown-haired, trips over flat ground, finds it strange that guys hit on her, and is constantly rocking dyke attire. In both stories, the girls are attracted to a controlling, stalkerish, wealthy dude with a personality complex, both have similar coloured hair (Grey is described to have dark copper hair, and Edward's is bronze), both of them attribute self-control as one of their own virtues, are both apparently insanely good-looking and lots of women want them, and the both of them describe themselves as 'dangerous'.

And hey! Who could forget Jake Jose? Person of colour, or minority race anyway, totally devoted to Ana because of his giant crush on her. Makes a move on her without invitation, too.

So congratulations, E L James. A tiny step forward for lusty vampires and naive little virgins, a thousand steps back for women's rights, because someone 'taking you' even after you said no is a turn-on, according to your book. Demeaning and controlling and debasing a woman outside (and in) bed and she actually liking it, and not to mention the countless instances of, "Hey baby, I know you're uber rich and superior but I don't want you to buy me things because I already feel so small and inferior and inexperienced :(" SERIOUSLY? Omg. And what's this about him pulling a blood-filled tampon out of her or something?!

So the trailer's out. I don't know how awkward it will be to watch this movie with your friends. Or even worse, a date. If the movie's anything like the book, patrons will probably have to sit through two hours of Ana's super boring internal monologue that includes phrases like "Oh my" and "Holy cow/crap/mother/Bruce Wayne" and probably at least 82 counts of "my internal goddess". I could go through life without having to sit through that. Also at least 45 minutes to an hour of awkward virgin sex, handcuffs, countless close ups of Edward Christian's eyes, aaand at least 20 minutes of her being shocked by his displays of wealth, power, and that pesky little NDA.

So, good luck to everyone who's going to watch it! I wish empty cinemas upon you all, for how would it be to accidentally make eye contact with anyone after essentially having watched glorified porn with them... collectively?


Has anyone heard the myth that Queeny E (Good Queen Bess, or Elizabeth I of England) was actually... A dude?

IKR. They say she wore heavy white makeup all the time to hide stubble, and nobody was allowed to see her without makeup. They say she wore gigantic lace ruffs to hide an Adam's apple, and she had very long fingers, unusual in a woman. Never mind the fact that she was never married; they speculate that the fact that she forbade the embalming of her body after death meant she definitely had something to hide, something about her body. Something like... a penis?

But anyway, many people really believe that she was a guy in drag! IDK. I'm just really amused by this whole thing. *Tudor geeky moment*

Okay, bye!

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