Sunday, 13 July 2014

Photo Backlog

Been so busy posting on Sydney that I totally forgot about my daily photos and eventually built up a deluge in the week that I've been back. Ready? Aaaaand go.

Wheeler's Yard

Wheeler's Yard with Nandu for lunch the day after we got back, which was a Saturday. Apparently the cafe is in a warehouse. I tried to gauge an impression of the place but it was really difficult. I couldn't differentiate one particular theme at all. 

Nandu went for the full breakfast because she didn't eat any dinner. Haiyoooo.

Hehe happy girl. She looks super skinny here.

My croissant and tea. Their croissants are not too bad, plenty of fluff and not much flake, which I like. Tea is Dilmah, my favey!

Earlier that morning I had cut myself quite deeply on a can of soup so the human with lots of medical supplies and knowledge dressed it for me :D It was splashing blood everywhere!

And voila. Before this, I had just slapped a plaster on the cut and it was bleeding through the plaster. -.-

Food with le hubby

This was dinner on Saturday, because we haven't had Modesto's together before and he swears it is good stuff.

"Are you done taking the photos yet so I can eat?!"

Almost, honey, almost.

So, the next day, I was still bleeding.

Also it was raining so heavily the next day, that it was...

A boots and floral dress kind of day. :D

And that day, I made pancakes from scratch for baby's and my dinner.

That's not an egg, it's butter surrounded by whipped cream.

Baby iz a happy baby :D

This was the next day's dinner. Scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage. AND TEA! Yes, we love having breakfast for dinner.

And Friday's dinner. Spam + Sausage Egg Fried Rice. Because someone hates his veggies.

Baby loved it!

Wild Honey + Dawn of the Planet of the Apes + Cuscaden Patio

My face for the day (HAHAHA I hate when girls say that. I'm sorry, do you have another face that you take out to use for other days?)... Okay, I mean, my make up for the day. I'm using my new NYX Radiant powder thingy. Is there a lot of difference when I don't use it? I can't really tell! Also using the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. SO RED I LAIKE :D

Was going for a Addams Family vibe with the black lace dress and white skin and red lips.

Met up with my lollipops for Wild Honey! Also to give them all the stuff we got for them in Sydney. Dev's was mainly underwear and flip flops hahahaha.

Jemaine <3

The boys. See, when girls take a picture for you guys, everyone looks so good!

I've been eyeing this on their menu for months now. It's the Brazilian Cheese Bread. We finally ordered it, but it was... Erm.

It was pretty bad. I don't know. It was covered in salt and was barely warm. The Carnivore Brazilian Cheese Bread is SO much better.

Gallic Breakfast <3

Next, we went to watch Planet of the Apes and before that, we had dessert at Xin Wang.

Mango and Pomelo ice with Mango Ice Cream *_*

Baby playing some game. IDK.

And then Planet of the Apes! It was pretty good, I suppose. The next day, baby watched the 2011 one with me (it has Felton! :D) so I'd know what was happening. Also, I felt so sad for Caesar. </3

Afterwhich, drinks and wings at the Patio.

Thirsty boys.

Yummy Midori! This is my favourite drink. Jemmy's too!

A dozen of our favourite wings. Today's weren't so good, though :(

Sunday morning grocery shopping. That is one of the biggest fucking mangoes you will ever see. I think one of those mangoes weighs at least 800g - 1kg. I'm not even kidding, it's damn huge! Look at it in proportion to that canned drink, or that loaf of bread! Taiwan monster mangoes.

Jem got me a cake stand <3 <3 <3 OMG It's damn pretty! I was actually eyeing this cake stand for awhile on Amazon and she got the exact one for me! We are soulmates actually. :D

Baby helped me with assembling it. Look at how freaking gorgeous it is! Pink and floral and 3-tier *hearts in eyes*

Promised baby brownies, so he helped me make some. Technically, I measured the ingredients and sifted the flour and melted the butter, and he stirred the batter.

He says they're the best batch I've made in awhile. Look at my cute baby, hahaha.

Sundays with freshly-baked goodies and tea. Because #TEATIMESPECIAL BITCHESS!

Okay, the end!

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