Monday, 28 July 2014

Modcloth Haul #2

Hey guys! Back again with another haul post. I can't believe I forgot to blog about my Modcloth haul. I am so enamoured these days by Modcloth - I can't get enough of them and their vintage-inspired pieces!

Let's start with this:

Make Manifest Boot in Navy - $21.99

I now have two pairs of boots: a sleek brown pair of combat boots I bought for AUD25 from Cotton On in Sydney and now this navy pair. I will say this: these boots should be sized down. I am normally a US6, so I got a 5.5, half a size smaller. It was just nice around the ankles but still had a little space inside the boot area for socks. I daresay it can even be worn with thick winter socks, because the toe box was comfy but the heel had a little space to move up and down. However (and this is a big but), I realized that they were internally lined with felt or something, making them WAY too warm for Singapore weather, especially with socks. My feet were literally burning up in them. They will be ultra comfy for trekking around somewhere colder though.

Right Here Heel in Grey - $29.99

Disappointed with this. I read the reviews which said I should size up, which I did (an entire size) but I should have gotten two sizes bigger for my foot to even be able to slide in. The shoe is so dang narrow that I couldn't even get it past my toes.

Charming Chambray Dress - $24.99

A beautiful, lightweight and comfy summer dress. Armholes are little big though. I realized that Modcloth's S is still slightly too big for me.

The Dream of the Crop Cardigan in Navy - $29.99

So beautiful and perfect in every way. I wrote about this cardigan a couple of posts ago, I think. It's the perfect length, softness, and stretch. I only wish that it comes in more colours, like beige and heather grey maybe. And butter yellow! PLEASE MODCLOTH GENIE, GRANT MY WISH

Cake a Chance on Me Plate Set - $21.99

Hahaha after eating on my pastel floral dishes, baby felt emasculated and wanted manlier plates. SO I GOT THIS LOL. It's blue, so it's very macho. Please ignore the vines and flowers design hahahahaha

Whimsy for Yourself Socks in Ivory - $6.99

Got this to wear with my bootsies. Comfy and not overly thick.

Fab Impression Dress - $20.99

Ehehehe how cute is this. Again, slightly too big for me although it's S. :(

Lithe is But a Dream Socks in Violet - $9.99

Got thin lace socks to wear in case my feet get too hot with boots. The only thing I have to say is that because my feet sweat in cold temperatures, these do NOTHING for the sweat at all. Sorry I'm super gross talking about foot sweat... But dis a review!

Kawaii in the Sky Socks - $5.99

HAHA I wear knee socks to sleep sometimes! So comfy, but as per usual with knee socks, they tend to slide down a little. But so cute!

That's all for now. But I have 3 more Modcloth shipments coming in, and I'll do a haul post altogether. Not including my birthday present from Baby, which I know will be from Modcloth because I'm a super sleuth. SO EXCITING! I ordered a corselet, and a swimsuit to wear when we go to the Marriott on my birthday *_* I can't wait!!!

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