Wednesday, 9 July 2014

(line break)

Just thought I'd take a little break between Sydney posts.

Brace yourself, here comes a barrage of random sentences.

1) Why do I still feel cold after coming back from Sydney? It was an average of 15 deg there in the day and 6 to 8 deg at night. When we first touched back down in Singapore, I felt like I was boiling in my own skin. But in the following days I was instantly freezing if I went into air conditioned places. It's like the cold weather down south leached all the body warmth out of me permanently. FML

2) I started jogging again with the spanking new Nikes I got from Sydney's DFO (they're dark pink and cushioned but really light, I love them). It's really tough to start again, because the last time I jogged regularly was when I was 17. I jogged exactly five times from then until now, and that was before my wedding (screw pre-wedding diets, they're rubbish) and early this year when GK wanted a gym partner. Happened to see Greg out for a jog and I joined him. Made it exactly 3 laps at the canal. That is all.

3) I think "signs" are stupid. Let me explain. Your left eyelid is twitching. It means something different than when your right eyelid is twitching. It probably means that you'll be dead tomorrow by noon. Oh, you dreamed about a beach or something? It means that you need a vacation real bad. Also, you're a Cancer? This definitely means that you have some personality issues that none other than a Libra can clear up. Wooooooow. Much mysterious. Very symbolism. Such cryptic. Look, science can explain eyelid twitching. It's probably just stress or lack of sleep. Bad dreams? Cut down on the junk food and spicy dishes. Moon is in the fourth house tonight, so you feel hormonal? GIVE ME A BREAK. If you believe in it, that's good for you, but just don't push your beliefs on me kthxbye.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Oh, I've also been cooking more often because baby is on my case to learn cooking from my dad these days, so tonight we're having breakfast foods for dinner. Because that's one of the few dishes I have mastered (and also the easiest, AND also one of our favourites).

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