Sunday, 20 July 2014

Let's catch up.

Photos first! Last Monday, I met up with these two for their respective birthday dinners. Lynette's birthday is  on the 13th and Chik's is on the 17th. So we went to Cha Cha Cha at Holland V for Mexican :D



Chik says this is his favourite. The lighting was pretty dim, so my photos were shitty. Sorry. What is this? Chimichanga? Yeah. It's like a deep-fried burrito. YUMM. And we also had a Burrito and an Enchilada. Enchiladas? We only had one, but it seems weird to say AN enchilada, like one enchilada.

Happy Chik. Haha

My favourite biscuits :D The Leibniz ones are not as good as these Japanese ones. (Idk, what brand is this?) Plus, I like the fact that they print the names of the animal on the biscuits. Because... some of the biscuits are so deformed that I can't even tell what animal it is, hahaha. But they taste great!

Baby got some great work news, so I treated him to waffles. Which he has been craving for quite awhile. Yay baby!!

On Friday, Nandu brought me to the Jose Eber at Wisma to get a new straightener. It was $180 for the Wet and Dry Straightener and I think it's pretty worth it. I had my petite one for years and it never bailed on me, plus it didn't damage my hair as much as other flat irons that I have used.

I don't know if I believe this, but I hope it's true. I did lots of research on the irons before getting one, and also Nandu has the same one and she likes it! I'm sure we will be very happy together.

Saturday was spent collecting my schoolbooks and then we went to his sis's for lunch. SHE COOKED SAUSAGE CURRY MY FAVE.

Got to spend time with the kids <3 I always enjoy spending time with them because they like us very much, so we are always glad to see each other.

Nicest photo I've taken of them so far!

This cutie pie who has learned to walk! He doesn't do it very often though, haha.

Sunday morning I had to get my hair done.

LOLOLOL. I felt like an alien for awhile.

This is where I always do my hair. Hairplus SG. They are super good because they always have promotions and the same treatments I always do (Volume Rebond and Setting Perm) cost like twice as much anywhere else! I recommended Jem to the salon and she did the same thing. Also, the stylists are all Korean and they are super friendly and always speak Korean-accented English, which is really cute hehehe.

And this is the end product. I cut lots of my hair off and re-set my hair. Now I can't wash it for like 48 hours OMG. Eewwwww

Later on, GK and I went to Zaffron Kitchen with Clarissa for dinner :D

Chicken Tikka.


They have all these punny napkins.

So we all ordered Naan. Butter Naan is the best omg so soft <3

Drinks at Brotzeit after! This is Clarissa's Mango Beer. It was pretty good, not like other gross eurghhhh beers. Lolol baby's drinking face behind. I had coke ahahaha.

That's all for now!

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