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Day 8 & 9 Sydney: 3-4 July 2014

Finally getting round to the last post on Sydney.

On our last two days in Sydney, we decided to just relax. Ergo, headed to a little cafe nearby in Putney for breakfast, and then shopping, and then we watched Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 in Shawn's apartment theaterette.

Shawn asked me to search for a good breakfast place nearby, and I turned to trusty Google, which came up with this Reddit thread: Breakfast/brunch spots near Ryde?

From there, I narrowed it down to Dolcini Cafe. It was less than ten minutes' drive from Top Ryde, so we woke up at our own pace and headed down.

Starting every morning with tea! Dolcini's alfresco seating was filled with people sitting in the sun with blankets on their laps, and I could see my breath. That's how cold it was.

I ordered the Dolcini Omelette with Ham, Bacon, and Cheese, served with... I forget what bread this is. Rye Sourdough maybe? Damn yums but I still had food envy. Sigh. Clarissa ordered the same with Salmon.

Shawn's Big Mama breakfast... MAJOR FOOD ENVY from me. I am always hesitant to order mushrooms because I'm real fussy with mushrooms, I only like the preserved button kind. And it was somewhat similar.  :(

Baby's Italian Scrambled Eggs. It was damn good, cooked with cream cheese and served with bacon and pita. Major food envy yet again fml.

Afterwhich, we ordered dessert to share. Portuguese Egg Tart (I can't tell whether Egg Tarts are good or not, this one tasted fine to me)

Lemon Meringue Tart, which was everyone's clear favourite.

Another Lemon Tart. It was yummy but the Meringue was better!

Saw this car on the way back. I grabbed Shawn's arm and said none-too-softly, "That is a pimp's car, is it not?!" and he was like, no, I don't think so. And I pointed out the fuzzy dice and said, "Look, fuzzy dice! It's gotta be!" I think he gave up after that and we just took pictures of the car. It was really bright outside so I couldn't tell if the photo was acceptable or not. :(

When we walked past again twenty seconds later, the top was up on the car. No doubt the owner had been nearby and heard every word of my diatribe about pimp cars... Whoops.

Sorry all the pictures are about food! Baby and I went to Oliver Brown again to enjoy a scone and hot chocolate after shopping by ourselves.

And these pictures are Oliver Brown AGAIN the next morning for breakfast before going to the airport, hahaha. Baby's Chicken Schnitzel sandwich.

My Italian Club. It was pretty yummy.

Banana Bread!

One last hot chocolate before we fly back to Singapore where only crazy people drink hot chocolate.

 I never take photos with Shawn, so here we go. Both of us are damn white lah wtf. It was the sunlight.

Shawn with us at the airport. This is from his mum's camera!

On the plane home.

Thanks for staying through so many Sydney posts! Hope you enjoyed them.

Hit list:

Dolcini Cafe
90 Charles St
Putney New South Wales 2112
+61 2 9808 4111

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