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Day 7 Sydney: 2 July 2014

Ultra saddening because our trip is coming to an end soon. But no matter, today is Wednesday and I duly wore pink. YES!

Here's Mocha and I in the morning. She has this tiny mouse toy where you can pull a string and it'll vibrate as the string retracts. She's figured how to work it with her teeth and will spend long minutes doing this.

First thing in the morning, we headed off to Armory Wharf Cafe for breakfast. It's by the Parramatta River and used to store actual munitions. It's really nice though, and the air was extra-crisp because it's by the river.

We parked a little ways away and warmed up by walking a brisk clip over to the Armory Wharf.

Tea, of course!

We sat in the sun to feel warm.

Isn't the decor reminiscent of the military?

Our waiter looked like Dave Franco! You know, James Franco's brother? I wanted to ask him if I could take a picture of him, but decided that it might be a little rude...

Anyway, I ordered a Bacon and Egg Roll. It's so yummy!

Baby's breakfast wrap.

After breakfast, we had a little time before catching the ferry, so we took some pictures on the riverbank.

Pink, pink, and more pink. BABY Y U NO WEAR PINK?! YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US.

Ahahaaha look at this chubs. Sydney weather makes my hair look pretty great!

#OOTD Valley Girl coat, AUD14.95 / pink long-sleeved top AUD6 from Big W (hahaha) / Supre pink lace skirt AUD10 / 300 denier stockings AUD8 from Target / combat boots AUD25 from Cotton On.

Wefie? IDK what kind of stupid words people come up with these days. I look extremely perplexed because the sun was so bright I couldn't see where the picture button was... I think I pressed it entirely by accident.

Okay, now here's a selfie.

Walked over to the Sydney Olympic Park ferry terminal and took the ferry to Circular Quay!

Shawn said it would take about an hour but it felt much shorter, like 20 minutes!

After seven days of cafe food, look at my super fat face. HAHAHAHA.

Went out to the deck to take photos.

The girls at the right were posing for my picture, haha so cute ^_^

Excuse the retarded wink. Posting this because baby looks extra cute.

Harbour bridge in the far background.

Baby stood behind me so my hair wouldn't whip anyone in the face. But look! My hair is whipping him in the face, plan backfired, hahaha.

Le Opera House. Horrible Histories was playing there when we were in town, but I resisted dragging everyone to a history lesson. Because I'm the only history nerd around. :-( But Horrible Histories is hilarious!

Baby took this and said he was being artistic.

Well, I think I'm artistic too.

Mandatory Harbour Bridge shot.

Hello, Opera House!

Went to the Guylian Cafe, wooooooooo!

Praline Hot Chocolate. It's basically just hot chocolate with a praline in it, and you just pour the hot chocolate over the praline and stir the mixture. Like so.

Also, a Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream and Praline Chocolate dip. The dip tasted watered down, though :(

PRALINE BRULEE TART. Jelat but still pretty good!

Afterwhich, we took a long walk to George Street (Sydney's original high street) and here are the sights:

Flower stand. Blooms are so cheap here.

Angel Place. Apparently, this is where all the clubs are? Idk, we didn't go. Plus, it was the middle of the afternoon.

I also kind of realized that the people in Sydney CBD are much less friendly than out in the suburbs. Kind of like Singapore, but people in Singapore's heartlands aren't exactly friendly either... So, I don't know.

We found that Angel Place was a good place for OOTD shots.

Hello, gorgeous colours!

Finally reached QVB: Queen Victoria Building. It was built in the late nineteenth century (doesn't sound that old, but the dates were between 1893 and 1898), I read that on a sign in the building. I'm the last person to know anything about architecture, but I know a beautiful building when I see one. It's so Victorian and it has stained glass windows!

An old-fashioned elevator! This girl is stuck on my ele, elevator...

View from the third floor. So old-world glamour, huh? I kind of disapprove of those modern signs. It ruins the feel...

After that, we walked to Darling Harbour (nothing special in the daytime, apparently). They actually wanted to bring us to the Lindt Cafe but after Guylian, stomaching more chocolate was kind of hard, hahaha.

Alright, caught the ferry to Sydney Olympic and drove back to Top Ryde and we had a great savoury dinner at this Italian restaurant named Bar Angolo.

My Penne Chicken with cream, pesto, and mushrooms! YUMMY

BB's Chicken Schnitzel.

Shawn's Chicken Parmiggiana.

And pizza!

That's all for today. It's almost time to go home :(

Hit list:

Armory Wharf Cafe
Building 13, Blaxland Riverside Park/Jamieson St
Newington NSW 2127, Australia
+61 2 9714 7513

Guylian Cafe
Shop 10, Opera Quays
3 Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 (2) 8274 7900

Bar Angolo
Level Ground La Piazza
109-129 Blaxland Road
Top Ryde Shopping Centre
Ryde NSW 2112

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