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Day 6 Sydney: 1 July 2014

Today we went to the Zoo! I always say that I never know how long it takes to get anywhere in Sydney because once the car begins to drive off, I'll be sound asleep in five minutes FLAT. Omg today I was so excited I didn't even sleep in the car on the way over to breakfast... Because it was only about 30 minutes away. Ahem. Okay! Burnt Orange for breakfast.

Yes, it was cold. Very cold.

This place, though, was SOOOOOO rustic and lovely. If Jem and Dev were getting married in Sydney, I would tell them to get married here because it's rustic like how she likes and so quaint and beautiful that I couldn't resist taking tons of photos.

I've taken to taking pictures of the menus so that I can remember where we went.

Clarissa said she wanted to take some of the chairs home and Shawn said okay, as long as she only took the white ones. LOL. But super pretty chairs and the set up with the flowers... *_*

We wandered inside to take a look after ordering, and there were so many more sweet treats inside. Scones and muffins.

The prettiest soap packaging I have ever seen. TRY HARDER, MARKS & SPENCER'S.

And tea sets! So many tea sets!

They make their own marmalades and jams...

This is a cardboard cake stand and it's still so gorgeous!

Burnt Orange takes so much effort with all their table set ups and it makes them so beautiful!

So beautiful!

Cath Kidston.

Food arrived so we headed back to our table. Of course, I start every meal with tea.

Baby had Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries.

And I had the works!

OFF TO THE ZOO! It was just a few minutes' drive from Burnt Orange.

I saw a wild pelican, and here's one in captivity.

We signed up for the Koala Encounters.

Here we go!

Selfie with the koala!

Hello Kangaroo!

"Draw me like one of your French girls" HEHEHEHEHE I CAN'T STOP WITH THAT!

Hello, Wallaby!

So when I saw this sign, I thought what the hell?

And this is why. Tasmanian Devils!

So I was thinking that, compared to Singapore Zoo, the Taronga Zoo actually lets you get pretty close to their animals, which is actually pretty wonderful. In Singapore Zoos, you'll probably have to zoom your camera like 10x to get even a teeny glimpse of the animals. Mostly because (I'm guessing) idiots and tourists will try to get too close to the animals and get mauled or some shit, because growing up in urban SG, most of the population has no respect for animals.

A magnificent Silverback Gorilla... I forgot his name.

I asked baby to see how big he was, comparable to a penguin.

Next, we went to see one of the most interesting animals... the Komodo Dragon. So when I approached him, his eyes were closed, but as I stood close to the enclosure and took pictures, his eyes slooowwwly opened.

And after watching many documentaries about them and seeing how fast they can run (young ones can climb trees too) I hastily beat a retreat because he was looking right at me.

Petting a crocodile!

I don't know why baby was poking it in the eye...

Here's a real one. A freshie!

Hello, horny toad. R U horny?

Okay, I also realized one thing about lizards:

They are extremely photogenic.

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

Exhibit C). Look at this handsome bastard! He's a young Komodo, btw. Hey there, handsome. (Omg am I becoming like Steve Irwin going "Isn't he gorrrgeous!")

Exhibit D) they're practically posing.

Exhibit E)

Exhibit F) Wtf, how you get so handsome?

And then... we have this poor fella. Such a fearsome name but its face is so goofy lololol

SEE HAHAHA. Basilisk indeed...

This is the Diamondback Rattlesnake. And when we came over, some guys were kinda teasing it and it was crouched in the 'S' striking pose.

Now for giraffes! Damn they are so photogenic too!


Ewwwww its tongue is like gray? Hahaha. I knew that for a long time but it's something else to actually see it.

Look at how close up we were to the big cats. Richard Parker, is that you? (there was a glass wall separating us, but we could still count every whisker)

Hey, Nala!

Bird show arena that has a great view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Their show is about 20 times more impressive than SG's.

Look, it's Eevee! Hahaha, nah, I'm kidding. It's the Fennec Fox.

Took the cable car back to the entrance. The zoo closes at about 4:30PM.

Peacock strutting around.

Took pictures at the gate in the fading light.

With his aviators, Baby looks like a bad cop in Bollywood movies, don't you think?

Off we went to Four Frogs Creperie for dinner. Keeping up with the animal theme for the day. It's a French bistro and it's really cozy.


Savoury crepes.

Nutella milkshake! Really authentic and it tasted so good!

Baby's sweet crepe.

On the way back to the car, we saw gorgeous pastel-hued meringues in the window and the boys couldn't resist grabbing a couple of cupcakes.

It tasted like 7-minute frosting! Yummy but verrrry sweet.

Oh look! A wild animal escaped and followed us home! Hahahaha. Okay, I'm kidding. This is Mocha, Shawn's and Clarissa's Shih-Tzu/Maltese/Schnauzer mixed puppy. She's the most adorable thing.

The end.

Hit list:

Burnt Orange
1109 Middle Head Rd
Mosman NSW 2088, Australia
+61 2 9969 1020

Taronga Zoo
Bradleys Head Rd
Mosman NSW 2088, Australia
+61 2 9969 2777

Four Frogs Creperie
175 Avenue Road
Mosman NSW 2088, Australia
(02) 9960 1555

The Classic Cupcake Co
1/167-169 Avenue Rd
Sydney NSW 2088, Australia
+61 2 8091 5222

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