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Day 4 Sydney: 29 June 2014

Today Shawn and Clarissa took us to one of the places they always visit: Mt Kiama!

First, we hit up 2042 Cafe in Newtown for breakfast.

The new coat from Valley Girl kept me super warm :D

They brought us overflowing pots of English Breakfast Tea.

And their omelettes... WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?! It was so huge! I chose the Pan-Style Omelette with Ham, Cheese, Spinach and something else.

They had Eggs Benny and another omelette, haha.

Next, we trotted round the corner to Black Star Pastry for the famous...

Strawberry and Watermelon cake.

Something else that looked really good. But we just had breakfast, so...

Can you see the big rainbow flag? Teehee.

Clarissa nabbed us a couple of slices (they sell out super quickly!) and we stood on the sidewalk to eat it. The top layer is strawberries, then crust, then cream, then a thick slab of fresh watermelon, then cream again, then crust. WOW. It sounds really overwhelming, but it's amazing. We finished both slices in about 30 seconds because it wasn't even super sweet or anything, it was just really refreshing.

Seconds before digging into the best cake of our lives.

Passed this sign on the way out of the store. I thought it was hilarious.

Some really amazing graffiti.

We got back into the car and Shawn drove us up to Kiama! My first glimpse of it was a really, really huge cemetery (I had just woken up) and was like, "Whoa, that's a big cemetery." Shawn's response? "Well, Kiama is known as a popular area for retirement. I guess after they expire, that's where they go."

And we passed by the cemetery and everything was so beautiful and small-town. :D :D We then took a twelve-minute drive up to the town of Jamberoo. Population of 942.

We went to Jamberoo Market which was closed except for a few stalls because it was too cold and windy... Where Shawn bought an entire tub of fresh olives and proceeded to eat half of them in the next 20 minutes.

Nerilee Antiques in Jamberoo.

I had already spent over AUD100 on teacups so I refrained this time. But the antiques store was adorable. They had vintage jewelry, herringbone brush and mirror sets, tea sets, miniature tea sets... OMG now I am regretting not buying anything :( :(

With that, we headed off to the Blow Hole.

This is all volcanic rock! The sea will splash into the little crevice and splash upwards.

The day was gorgeous, though we only managed to catch a tiny little spurt from the blowhole.

"Staring off into the future" hahaha. Inside joke!

Why do I look significantly less impressive?

I bought new boots from DFO the previous day and they came in really handy for Kiama. Haha. Only AUD25!

That lady in the background of the photo was wearing high heeled boots and she nearly fell a couple of times while clambering down the rock. -_-

Such a beautiful landscape :D

After this, we wandered all around the shops in Kiama and stopped for lunch at this beautiful little cafe called Table for Amy.

It was freezing but we managed to warm up after some hot tea.

A beautiful singer dressed all in vintage just right outside the cafe. So sweet!

Food arrived. Everything at Table for Amy is made from scratch, and this is a Chicken, Corn, and Bacon chowder in a bread bowl. It was so hearty and yummy zomg.

Baby's bacon and egg roll. We seem to take it in turns to order this!

Afterwhich, we headed down to this little candle shop.

They had all sorts of weird scents, like... Dragon's Blood.


Elf sweat?! Legolas, what did you do?

From Kiama, we got back in the car and went up to Saddleback Mountain.

Passed these gorgeous trees on the way! They had no leaves, only flowers, and the petals were all bright red.

I believe this would be described as "rolling countrysides".


So people seem to love to scratch their initials on the viewing platform, and we didn't do that, but instead did the locking thing.

Here we are with the gorgeous view.

Oh, this is our lock!

Aaaand here's where we locked it. It's in plain view, but... I am short so this is the furthest I could reach.

And then like fifteen minutes to Minnamurra Beach!

There was actually a dude swimming in the frigid temperature. WTF. We were all bundled up in coats, gloves, and scarves, and we have a guy in his swim trunks coming up from the water like a rotund mermaid. He nods at us and we just incline our heads awkwardly at him.

I asked baby to take a photo with me and this is what he did. I was like, baby, Y U NO PUT YOUR ARM AROUND ME

Now that's better.

The only alive wildlife I saw in Sydney. The rest of the fauna I saw was... well, roadkill. So hello, pelican!

From there, we headed to Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant in Summer Hill to grab some pizza. This is the truffle oil pizza. Their crust is so yummy and delicious! (I'm weird, I love crusts)

Tortellini with peas and mushrooms in cream sauce. This was SOOOO GOOD.

Apparently they won an award for Nutella Pizza, and we decided to try it. Easiest pizza to make, probably, it's just crust, nutella and icing sugar, but it was super yummy!

Afterwhich, we went home to rest.

Hit list:

2042 Cafe and Deli Newtown
403-405 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
+61 2 9550 2500

Black Star Pastry & Cafe
277 Australia St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
+61 2 9557 8656

Nerilee Antiques Jamberoo
26 Allowrie St, Jamberoo NSW 2533, Australia
+61 2 4236 0389

Table for Amy Kiama
6/24 Collins St, Kiama NSW 2533, Australia
+61 2 4232 4479

Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant
25 Lackey St, Summer Hill NSW 2130, Australia
+61 2 9716 9000

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