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Day 2 Sydney: 27 June 2014

On Day 2, we drove out 2 hours to Blue Mountains and the Jenolan Caves. About 175 km out!

Clarissa made Bacon and Egg sandwiches for all of us and off we went! I personally apologize for the fact that you have to endure my bad bangs for the entire trip.

Here we go! (Please forgive the sudden jump, I am still bad at photography. In fact, while trying to get a good shot of one of the famous attractions in the cave, I commented to baby that this is why I am a writer and not a photographer and I don't think he was amused, because he bought me this camera.)

It was really cold up in the area because it's up a winding road in the mountains. You can check out their website here!

Can you tell that it was really cold? Under that coat, I'm wearing about 4 layers of cotton long-sleeved shirts, a scarf, gloves, jeggings over tights, and a beanie.

Baby says I look bald with these skewed bangs, fml

Stole some pics from Clarissa!

This is Jenolan Village, they have some cafes here and the main office where we bought our tickets for the Caves tour.

I hadn't bought my boots yet and climbed all the steps with my Rubi flats, hahaha. They were terrible for climbing. Also, height comparison with Shawn fail hahahaha. I'm not even as tall as his shoulder. Just some tiny little leprechaun over there.

Look at this cute couple in their matching coats, jeans, and boots. Haha.

And in we go! We took the Lucas Caves tour. I can honestly say that it was a fantastic, exciting tour. Only like AUD32/pax and we got 1.5 hours worth of guided information about the caves. Don't be intimidated by the numeric of 910 steps: I hardly felt anything and I'm probably the most nonathletic person you will ever meet.

It was really exciting to me because I took Pure Geography back in secondary school, and I got to learn about all sorts of interesting natural formations like stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and other cave formations. It was wonderful to finally see them in reality!

The cave temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius year round, because the internal cave temperature is unaffected by the seasons outside.

This is the Cathedral, where weddings are performed and concerts are also performed because it apparently has amazing acoustics.

"The Lace Curtain". SO GORGEOUS!

Ehehehe bacon rashers!

Imagine clambering up and down these formations!

 Their most famous attraction: "The Broken Column".

 Our amazing tour guide to the left, gesturing wildly at some formation. She's such a knowledgeable and passionate guide, I was really impressed!

Hello again, broken column!

 Can you see it glittering? This is where they mine crystal.

"The Bishop". Hehe! It's amazing how the formation looks so much like one.

At this point, my camera battery died. S5 photos from here on.

This is the cave pool, like 15 metres below us. It's apparently 1 degree cooler than the cave temperature, and no marine life lives inside (because it's too cold and inanimate) save microscopic organisms.

It's a reconstructed skeleton of an animal. This is the Bone Cave.

Coloured lighting making it super beautiful.

Made our way outside to head to the Blue Lake. It's really blue!

First glimpse. We often forget how gorgeous nature is. Although the lake is manmade, the minerals in it (and the algae I suppose) give the water its blue colour. Also it's super clear, you can see right to the lake floor!

Clarissa's camera takes such nice photos!

There is a family of platypuses who live in the lake. Our tour guide told us to look for the bubbles and eventually we'd see them when they surfaced for air. We did spend quite a few enjoyable minutes prowling the edge of the lake and peering at the surface to try and glimpse the platypuses, who in the end let us have a peek at them. Hehe.

So beautiful and serene.

One of my favourite photos, this trip.

In the car again to head to the blue mountains! We had a quick and welcome bite of Churros and Hot Chocolates at the Scenic World cafe before hurrying to complete the tour before Scenic World closed for the day.

Visit Scenic World's website here!

Firstly, we hit up the Skyway to view attractions like the Three Sisters and Eucalyptus forests.

After taking this photo, we hunted for a eucalyptus tree nearby but we could find none. I don't even vaguely know how a eucalyptus tree looks like, anyway...

The air is super crisp and it's so gorgeous up there!

The Three Sisters. Hello! I think they are named Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. Legend has it that the three of them fell in love with boys from another tribe and so they were turned to stone by a witch doctor from the Katoomba tribe to avoid a tribal battle over them.

Simply spectacular.

Next, we walked about ten minutes to the Railway, which is the steepest railway in the world. It's super fun! Also they had an announcer at the back, whose only job seemed to consist of coming up with hilarious quips.

"The ride is about to begin, kindly buckle your seatbelts, sit back, and enjoy the riiiiiiiiide." (At which point a confused titter began from the passengers, because there were no seatbelts.)
"The ride is about to begin, please hold on tightly to all loose valuables. This may or may not include your children, depending on how valuable they are to you."


Our second ride on the railway and that's the announcer at the back!

Erm, we had time for exactly two selfies before the ride began and I nearly dropped my phone from my gloved hands because we zoomed backwards so quickly. I think we took this ride about 4 times!

Finally, we headed to the Cableway... Nothing very spectacular though.

Three Sisters again, bathed in the glow of sunset!

It was so cold that even Shawn was wearing an overcoat.

The end! We hurried to the gift shop afterward, where I purchased the cutest kangaroo plushie I've seen (it remains the cutest after seeing every single tourist attraction gift shop in Sydney) and went home where Clarissa made awesome Carbonara for everyone for dinner, and we fell to our beds in exhaustion.

Shall continue with Day 3 to 9 tomorrow because I'm too tired and it's already 1:00AM. 'Night everyone!

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