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Day 1 Sydney: 26 June 2014

HELLO. I am finally back from Sydney and pretty glad to be home! All photos are a jumbled mix from my phone and camera because there were a couple of days where my Canon didn't charge properly.


We had Chinese for dinner because last asian food for awhile!

My congee sucked though, fml.

So baby and I caught the red-eye to Kingsford Smith and arrived at almost noon.

Yay window seats :D

I conked out before the plane even started to take off and when I finally awoke, dawn was approaching! Views from my seat:

Finally touched down after 8 hours... Our first breath of Australian air!

Teehee, picked this up at Woolworth's!

Clarissa made cheesecake and tea, *_*

And away we went to La Perouse Boatshed for lunch!

See this couple with their matching shorts, hehe.

First 30 minutes in Sydney and already we have stunning views everywhere! (BTW we were not even close to being dressed warmly enough for winter in Sydney)

Sat in the sun right beside the beach.

First meal in Sydney!

Omg I loved this. Chicken Boscaiola.

Our entree: Penne Chicken with Pesto. Damn yums but nobody else liked it?!

Acclimated people wearing super relaxed clothing in the brisk weather. -_-

Can you tell that the wind was really out of control?

There we go.

Look, it's a castle on a hill! Let's go towards it...

And take photos with it!


After this, we headed off to Bondi! It was deserted because it was a weekday in winter, hahaha.

My baby with fisherman pants.

Rolling waves!

Toes in the sand :-)

Shawn then brought us to his school, University of Sydney. It's super beautiful! If my school looked like this, I would be delighted to go to school every day.

We were just talking about how much the school looks like Hogwarts when suddenly we saw people actually playing Quidditch. HAHAHA. What the shit!

Apparently near the exam period, this tree's leaves turn bright purple! You can click here for a photo.

YES. I am wearing dress and pants like a china girl because webbed tights were not warm enough for me!

Fireplace that they no longer used.

Old school way of preventing cheating, hahahahahahaha!

"Shawn take a hemsum photo leh!"

What tree is most famous at Hogwarts?

The Whomping Willow, of course!

We also visited the Graffiti Tunnel which is super eerie and interesting. Kept feeling like we were going to be mugged and raped in here heh. Found the entrance by accident!

Einstein wanking wtfbbq.

Walls and floor COVERED in graffiti!

After this, we went to the Shakespeare Hotel in Surry Hills for dinner and Messina for Gelato :D Can't find my photos for those though fml. Alright here we go!

Hit list:

The Boatshed La Perouse
1609 Anzac Parade, La Perouse NSW 2031, Australia
+61 2 9661 9315

Shakespeare Hotel - Surry Hills
200 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
+61 2 9319 6883

Gelato Messina
389 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
+61 1800 435 286

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