Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cherry Culture Haul #3 + Forever21 Haul

 I don't know why, but recently there are these black borders around the photos I import from VSCOcam! Anyone experiencing the same?

Anyway, I received my F21 and Cherry Culture packages on the same day. My Cherry Culture took an inordinately long time to be sent over, like 18 days! My F21 only took like less than 5 days. ^_^

Such a big box.

International shipping is USD40 for a purchase of USD0 - USD50 and shipping goes up every USD10 for every USD50 you purchase. So I usually get USD100 worth of stuff and pay USD50 just for shipping :(

Forever21's online store has everything that SG's stores don't, like intimates and pyjamas. Sooooo if you don't wish to see pictures of my intimates and pyjamas, I suggest you scroll down quickly.

Chiffon Bow Barrette - USD1.80

I buy this kind of small stuff to make up the USD100, hehe. Plus I'm already 23, only like 2 years of bow-wearing left.

Textured Layering Bra - USD4.80

I love their padded layering bras because they are so soft and comfortable. I mainly use them for sleeping :D

Everyday Lace-Trimmed Bra Set - USD8.80

It's all soft cotton and so comfy!

Good Sport PJ Set - USD16.80

It doesn't show in the photos, but it's actually shimmery. Also it's really soft cotton too.

Lace Bandeau Bra - USD3.80

Perfect for wearing under low-cut blouses. PLUS PEACH LACE WTF I CAN'T RESIST

Also it has that non-slip strip thing!

Strapless Lace Corset Bra - USD14.80

Only my favourite bra ever. I have it in shell pink too. Not the most comfy, but the boning is very flattering.

Tea for Two PJ Set - USD6.29

It was the last one! AND SO PERFECT FOR ME.

Forever21 is having a 5 for $15 promo on undies! *_*

Top to bottom:
Dots and Bows Bikini
Lace Trimmed Hipster
Dots and Bows Bikini (YES I BOUGHT 2)
I Freaking Heart You Bikini
Bow Print Boyshort

Hooded Terrycloth Robe - USD19.80

EVERYTHING IS PINK yes I know. It's really soft and comfy too.

Next, my Cherry Culture Haul!

NYX Retractable Eyebrow Pencil - USD4.75

NYX Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary - USD6.00

NYX Extreme Lip Cream in Bonfire - USD6.00

I don't know why this comes in shine though!? Wonderfully pigmented :D

NYX Professional Powder Brush - USD6.50

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - USD6.00

Amsterdam! It's like a really rich ruby colour. *_*

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo. I already have one but I bought this because this berry colour is so wearable!

That's all for my hauls! Maybe I should do a video next time.

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