Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wolsey's Downfall

"We have not spoken long or as often as we should. If I wanted forgiveness, I should have asked for it, but for all that I have done, and for all that I have yet to do, there can be no forgiveness. And yet I think I'm... I am not an evil man. An evil man would pray loud and seek penance, think themselves closer to heaven than I am. I shall not see it's gates, Lord, nor hear your sweet words of salvation. I have seen eternity, I swear... But it was in a dream, and in the morning, all was gone. I know myself for what I am, and I throw my poor soul upon your forgiveness in the full knowledge that I deserve none at your loving hands."

Cardinal Wolsey's last prayer, The Tudors

I know from history that Cardinal Wolsey was remembered as a very calculating man who always served first his own interests and manipulated others for his own purposes. Although he was supposed to be a man of God, he used his position to worm his way into the position of Lord Chancellor alongside Henry VIII. He was eventually arrested on charges of suspected treason, and died naturally before he could be executed. However, this scene from the Tudors is so sad! ALL DEM FEELS. Sam Neill, you're a talented man.

For the Cardinal's real last words, click here.

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