Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pique Nique + DTF + Sundays

So, I thought I'd give compiling photos and then posting them a try... And then somehow I ended up with 20 photos. -.- I don't usually have this many photos!

Was meeting Jemmy for Pique Nique, so I wore a picnic dress ehehehe.

Morosely stirring her tea.

She ordered Carbonara and I got Mac and Cheese. IKR, I was expecting to get breakfast too but I don't know why, just wasn't feeling it.

Their Mac and Cheese is damn good! I got the petit one, it was just plain Mac and Cheese but it's super yummy! I finished everything, which is rare for me. The petit is not really petit... It was a normal-sized pasta dish for me. -.-

Which is why I couldn't finish the French Toast that I also ordered. Enlisted Jemmy's help and the both of us couldn't even finish it!


Saturday! I let baby sleep in and he woke up at like 3:00PM!

Went to get his Gregory bag and then we had Din Tai Fung. And then went home. I know, how interesting. Saturday night of a married couple, y'all.

Baby discovers how to take a selfie. HAHAHA what a cutie pie!

CAN YOU TASTE THE XLB? Omg I'm craving it now as I'm looking at it. Sweet sweet xiao long bao, you get in my mouth right now.

Egg fried rice yummy!

Mango pudding. Mmmmm.

Baby discovered something else he likes on the DTF menu. Peanut balls, and it translates to "Snow balls" on the receipt. WTF? Idk, he seems to like it.

SUNDAY! I bought shortbread cookies, and ate them with cookie tea. Yummy. Also, this is quickly becoming my favourite teacup *_*

Daddy made beef porridge, I love anything to do with porridge.


 Telok Blangah. I hate this place.

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