Monday, 16 June 2014

Lush products + baby photos!

I do apologize for the combined posts. Just dumping all my photos here.

I went to Lush yesterday looking for a lip scrub and ended up spending $95.00 at the store. Haha! I know I'm supposed to be a recovering shopaholic, but relapse is part of recovery, as Blair would say.

Eau Roma Water, SGD16.00/100g

I just realized while looking at the photo again that 'Eau Roma' is a pun on Aroma. Nicely played, Lush. It's a toner water that has only two active ingredients: Lavender and Rose water.

 Let's look at the back of the bottle:

One of the ingredients is perfume, which I don't agree with. But while my skin isn't particularly sensitive, I do have very dry skin. It's too soon to tell if it helps to moisturize, but it does feel very soothing on my face. I had a shower, cleansed my face, and then spritzed it on my face and tapped it in. I do love that it comes in a spray bottle instead of having to dribble it out of a bottle, though!

I'm not sure how essential oil itself will fare on my face... We'll see, huh?

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner SGD58.00/225g


I didn't know what body conditioner was at all. Until the Lush employee told me it's just like hair conditioner, but for your body! It does smell really good, like honey and roses. But in fact, it contains:

Almond Oil, Brazil Nut Oil, Vanilla Pod Infusion (I LOVE! I love anything Vanilla), Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Cocoa Butter, Rose Oil, Citrus Oil, Geranium Oil etc etc. WOW SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF OIL AH.

The store babe put some on my hand, almost immediately washed it off, and I could instantly feel the difference! I said, "I am getting it. Friend, you have sold me on this." and got the tub. Smooth and soft skin, here I come!

This is how the consistency looks.

(I have really dry skin, so if you realize, I own A LOT of moisturizers)

Bubblegum Lip Scrub SGD21.00

Finally! The actual product I came to buy. Mmmmhahaha.

They have three types of lip scrubs: Popcorn, Bubblegum and Mint Julip, but I chose the Bubblegum because...

It's so pink and pretty and sugary!!!

I'm happy to report that this scrub does wonders with my lips. I always use the NYX lip cream and it looks best with smooth, exfoliated lips, so here we are. Lush employee said it's completely edible with caster sugar and jojoba oil (which gives it a little bit of an aftertaste) and it's really sugary.

I worry that I will have an ant problem, though.

They also gave me a sample of their Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion! (Have I mentioned that I love vanilla? I love ANYTHING vanilla, including ice cream, body spray and other scents, and even the colour).

On to baby photos!

This is my brother, hahaha! "Draw me like one of your French girls"

Me and mommy circa '94! Check out her big white glasses. I remember having a conversation with her about three or four years ago about her vehement distaste for white glasses that preteen boys the world over favour. Wtf

My brother and I, hehehe. I've been fair since I was a child! And he is tan.

I asked my dad how my brother used to play with me when I was a baby and he said when I was a newborn, my brother (then 4 years old) used to carry me around very carefully and bring me around everywhere. Awwwww hehehe. I also have another photo of my brother struggling to carry my fat baby self around coz he was a skinny boy. LOL

I sent this photo to GK and was like, you married a little fatty. Look at those hammy fists and chubby cheeks and legs and pale face wtf. AND MY HAIR. Terrible. My mom cut my hair herself and it was always uneven. :(

<33 My third birthday. It's my old living room! And the horrible floral couch my dad apparently chose in the background.

Hehe I think we were very cute as kids. Now not so cute anymore -.-

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