Saturday, 7 June 2014

Lupicia Cookie Tea Tasting Notes

When baby and I went to watch Edge of Tomorrow at Great World yesterday, we happened upon this tea shop named Lupicia in the basement. So naturally I went in!

And hit pay dirt.

Cookie-flavoured tea!

I picked up a pack for Jem too because I just know she will love it.

It's mainly malty-flavoured and I can very slightly taste some almond notes in it. AND THE SMELL. I feel like I'm eating a caramel cookie. I also smell some vanilla in it. Had mine with one cube of raw sugar and milk, which makes it really creamy and velvety! *starry eyed*

I was never aware of Lupicia before until yesterday, they told me it's a Japanese brand that has been around for twenty years.

On a wholly unrelated note, daddy made chicken porridge for me today! My favourite dish in the whole world. <3 <3 I like mine spammed with sesame oil, a dash of pepper and tons of fried shallots. (The real kind, not the prepackaged shit)

Lupicia Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#B1-12 Great World City
  • Singapore 237994

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