Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Love never felt so good

Title of the post, is, as you may have guessed, the Michael Jackson x Justin Timberlake song. Heard it in Nandu's car on Friday and I can't stop listening to it since! Super catchy seriously, and I can never resist catchy songs. Good catchy, not bad catchy like... that Rebecca Black 'Friday' disease.

Anyway! Went bridesmaid dress hunting with Zozo and her bridesmaids on Sunday. We went from Bugis Street to Haji Lane then back to Bugis Junction, and we probably wandered hundreds of shops!

Stopped for a froyo break along Haji Lane.

This is mine! As you can tell, I am super greedy hahaha. In my defense, I have not had froyo for prolly more than a year. Also, it looks so colourful and happy!

Introducing the bridal party! (Clockwise from left) Nandini, Zoe, Chanel, Jessica, and me... ignore my face, I couldn't see what kinda face I was making hahaha.

Yes, all very different sizes. One super tall one super short one big biceps and then the average. See if you can match the descriptions to each of them. :P

Oh, I got a close up picture of another moth on the wall of my office building! At least I think it's another one. Unless the previous one I photographed read my blog post and did decide to grace me with its presence more often...

I almost didn't notice it and walked right past it, then doubled back to take a picture. It was like on the wall at my shoulder angle and just sat quietly on the wall minding its own business while I came to kepoh hahaha. I said hello and thanks to it for the picture, though!

Continuation of random photos from work... Here's my desktop background!

I think this photo is from GQ? Not too sure. But he's my latest obsession because MANLY. Like, not quite ovaries explodable swag a la Hiddleston but my ovaries definitely quivered.

Like, looking at him makes you extremely sure he will never get a manicure but he appreciates good grooming. Like you never have to force him into a suit because real men understand the occasions that require suit and tie and know damn well how to rock one.

Because DAPPER.

Okay, enough of my fangirling before I sound too creepy. So hey! Vanilla tea!! I finished the one Jem gave me and so I'm trying out this vanilla one I bought ages ago.

Meh, btw.

Finally met Lynette after 3836292937448 years and we had Din Tai Fung for dinner!

Egg fried rice! (I wanted to take a picture of her but the silly bint wouldn't let me haha)

And Xiao Long Baoooo *stares reverently at dumplings*

Ended the night at High Society where we got our check paid by this lovely couple, we still don't really know why.

So lovely to just sit and talk with her <3

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