Friday, 13 June 2014

Cherry Culture Haul

Hello, darlings. Before I start, I would just like to make a sweeping declaration:


Alright. Now that's out of the way... I bought some stuff from Cherry Culture because things are cheaper there, even in USD. That's right, Sephora, I'm looking at you. >.<

My package was actually delivered early last week, but nobody was home so it got sent to the P.O.

Here it is! I love getting packages, it's like Christmas presents to myself all year round. Woohoo!

Tore open the box and found two of these oddly-shaped things wrapped in miles of brown and white paper.

Aaaaand in one of them was just a single bottle of nail polish.

Um. Props for the packaging though, Cherry Culture! Better thicker wrapping than a smashed delivery, I always say.

I like very bright colours for nail polish, and my phase of bright Barbie pink nails has followed me from my teenage years all the way to my mid-twenties. *small voice* Don't judge me.

Eyeshadow colours and brushes for my mum in law! She likes make up as much as the next woman, and she's the only one I know who will bother to play with colours in eyeshadow. Props to her!

I bought an eyeshadow primer. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I don't even use eyeshadow... Oh, hey! Can prolly give it to the mum in law.

You see? You see what I mean when I said I buy rubbish?! (Refer to previous post on closet)

NYX soft matte lip cream!! *starry-eyed* I love this stuff!

Two colours, Ibiza and Monte Carlo. I think the latter is from their 2014 collection.

Butter gloss! (I don't know why I bought red. I have no power against bright colours.)

It's called Cherry Pie.

...NYX, you had better stop this. Stop christening things I don't need by amazing, delicious-sounding names! Otherwise... I don't know what I'll do. Something drastic.

(Like buy the entire line of butter glosses)

You may realize that I like very brightly coloured lip products. It's just because I'm really pale. (I tried to change that by tanning a lot as a teenager. Didn't work. I got red, burned, peeled... and then back to square one.) Aaaand nude lip colours make me look paler, like the sort of thing peering into your window late at night. With bloodless lips.

So brighter lips make me look like an actual human being. A living, breathing one. Aaand so I've embraced my pasty skin and decided to just go with being fair. And thus I avoid looking like a ghost with bright lips.

Okay, this lip balm comes free with my purchase of USD20 or something. I wanted Watermelon but it was sold out, so I got Grape instead. It smells super good.

Okay, now I'm going to go get ready for my staycation with my baby. Bye!

EDIT @16 June

Hey, I forgot to talk about the shipping. Okay, so I paid about USD$18 for shipping, which I thought was okay because all these products are crazy overpriced in SG anyway. It arrived really fast, within a week, and the items were all perfect.

Also, here is a photo of my lips with just the Cherry Pie Butter Gloss:

Soooo red and juicy and bright I LAHV IT

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