Sunday, 15 June 2014

Baby's virgin TWG + Quincy Hotel + Mathias's first birthday

What an eventful weekend.

So I brought baby to have TWG on Friday evening because I have influenced him to like tea, too.

He was very excited at the mention of scones, muffins and pastries.


Top: Cranberry muffin and scone
Bottom: Chocolate croissant and swiss brioche

It was served with tea jelly and cream.

"Hi, are you done taking photos so I can freaking eat already?"

We also ordered the chocolate fudge cake, and the ice cream on top tasted like masala for some reason.


Saturday: Staycation at the Quincy!

Awesome fluffy bed ^^

Molton Brown toiletries. Baby and I also bought vanilla-scented bubble bath and bath fizzies from Sephora and went to town in the bathtub.

One thing about the Quincy is that they always have food. Heh heh. Right after checking in, we headed down to enjoy their tea time buffet.

Happy GK with his mouth full of scone.

O hai. Idk why I was making a derp face.

Spent the afternoon lounging around the room and watching Mean Girls. They were showing Pompeii up in the pool area with snacks and drinks, so we went up to catch the movie.

And dinner was also served buffet style.

Basically, we spent Saturday stuffing ourselves and rolling around in bed. LOL.

Woke up at like 9am to have breakfast.

After that, we checked out and went to Aloha Changi for his nephew's birthday chalet.

We, again, very imaginatively got him a red packet for his birthday. Albeit with a thoughtfully-written message.

Sis's in law's parents in laws tying balloons to the front of the chalet.

Hello bby girl! ... With chocolate in your teeth!

Birthday prince all dressed and ready to rock.

Taking the Business Baby meme to an entirely new level. Hahaha. I wanted him to take a picture while on my phone, but he wouldn't have any of it.

A rare photo of him smiling! He's usually a grumpypants because he feels hot really easily. And look at all that crazy hair :B

Ahahaha he's flirting with the camera with those huge eyes of his!

Mandatory shot with balloons.

Father's Day cupcakes for the fathers in the chalet.


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