Friday, 6 June 2014

as i walked out one evening

Yes, hello. I am about to head to the temple with K and his mum but first some pictures.

Me and my #onwednesdayswewearpink top. It's a tank top from F21, kept it simple this time.

Yeah, I've kind of decided to chronicle my On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink outfits. Also, on Wed morning I was in the office minding my own business, when my boss came in wearing a pink shirt! I goggled at him and said, "Omg! You watch Mean Girls too?!" Then he said, "What on earth are you on about? No, I don't watch Mean Girls." So I pointed out that he wore pink on a Wednesday, and he said it was a coincidence lolol. Yes, I'm sure it is...

Met Yanzi on Thursday for our usual Subway and then we escaped from the rain at Coffee Club HV.

He was fascinated by my phone's panorama feature. It seems to stitch photos together really seamlessly.


Hello. I maed dis face. YA I KNOW HAHA. I cut off my long fringe! Simply couldn't stand it any longer. Mostly because the long fringe didn't cover my forehead and that made me feel reeaaallllly self conscious.

Btw the dress I am wearing is from Lilypirates and I love it very much, it's like a picnic dress. I love all the dresses I buy from them hahaha.

Baby and I attended a wedding with his mum and sis of his mum's family friend's son at Khalsa last night.

Check out my scarf which is trying to escape from my shoulder.

After which we went to Faber Bistro on Mt Faber and had dessert muahahaha.

The title of this post is actually a poem by WH Auden. You can read it here. Its rhyme and rhythm makes for one of the most beautiful poems I have read recently. :')

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