Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wow Much Picture So Backlog

Haha I apologize for the meme-y title... NOT. I love doge and probably will for at least a few years.

Anyway, I do have many pictures to post (for me). Here's a photo of the Swallowtail Moth or whatever exotic name it has that has been swarming our island recently. It landed high up on the wall of my office building so this was the closest picture I could get of it.

I really think it's very gorgeous! Dear moths, please visit us more often so we mere mortals may revel in your cloaked beauty. Why do people want to kill them? Do we think we are better than them? Can we fly and produce such beautiful delicate patterned wings such as those? I think not.

Anyway, on Friday I had TWG with Nandu! We were like sirs hahaha. Jem was supposed to come but she had to work last minute :-(

Why didn't I take photos of her! Haha.

She was late as usual, so I went to Sephora to get bath fizzes and bubble bath for baby's and my staycation at one of my fave hotels the weekend after next.

Also picked up an NYX Butter Gloss before remembering I already bought a bunch online -.-

This is one of NYX's best products, in my opinion. It's called Soft Matte Lip Cream and I use it very regularly to make my lips a darkish pink.

I have it in the San Paulo shade. I ordered 2 more in Amsterdam and Ibiza. The latter is from their new 2014 collection. I really like it because it spreads on like a gloss, but after awhile it will dry and become matte. And stay on for HOURS. Through food, drink, and endless convo. So yes yes. It's only SGD12 at Sephora, very worth it.

The new butter gloss I bought! I must admit that I spend more effort on my lip makeup than any other part of my face hahaha. Plus the name sounds so yummy, and it smells yummy too.

Because it's made of Peaches and Cream?! Nah lah hahaha it's just the shade. But it does smell like fresh strawberries and cream *starry eyed*

Used both products together on my lips and this is the end result!

I never have good enough lighting to take an acceptable picture in K's house, so must selca more.

Baby came to meet me and we went to Poulet @ Great World. My brother and Mil introduced me to it and I have loved their chicken ever since. I hardly have it though.

A half selfie with their sign haha.

Baby just had breakfast when he came to meet me, so he just ordered a salad... But what is this hahaha. Are four artfully-arranged leaves considered a salad nowadays? *scratches head* I'm not familiar.

I had the Granny Smith Chicken and Egg Mayo Sandwich. According to the description it's supposed to have Granny Smith apples in it, but I didn't come across any at all. Hmmm.

Still super good though!

For dessert, we had their Raspberry Tart thing. It's one of their three new dessert specials, I suppose.

It was lovely but I miss their Creme Brulee, which we were actually looking forward to very much. I didn't know they took it off the menu! Please allow a moment of silence for our loss.


Thank you. After Poulet we went to catch Maleficent and it was fab. I was very impressed! For a Disney movie, and Angelina's comeback role after a 4 year hiatus. It had funny notes, touching notes, and a perplexing battle. I didn't really like King Stefan, though.

I totally forgot that my brother and Milton were in the same theatre watching the same movie, hahaha. They happened upon us after the movie and we did a post-movie dissection together.

Afterwhich K and I headed to Zion food centre for dinner. He had an unremarkable fried rice and I, of course, had the crispy carrot cake.

That's a picture of the best carrot cake I have ever eaten. Nowhere else can compare to the one at Zion! The dude who cooks it is partially deaf and I'm entirely unsure if his wife is, because she communicates with customers by pointing at the menu and I've never heard her speak a single word before.

Now I'm enjoying breakfast tea in a new tea for one set that arrived yesterday from Gracie China, Amazon.

Isn't it pretty? I also ordered a Christmas tea set from Gracie and two of the four teacup handles arrived in pieces.

Fucking upset because they used cheap paper to wrap it instead of the styrofoam wrapping they normally use and I'm not surprised it broke on the way. I held up the unopened box and jiggled it and I could hear loose porcelain rattling around, so I kind of expected to find broken pieces when I opened it.

And I can't just glue it together because it broke into small pieces. :-( :-(

They're sending a new one as we speak, but I have to mail the broken ones back on my own expense. This is the first time I am disappointed with Amazon products.

Gracie China/Coastline Imports, I have bought so many things from you guys. Don't disappoint me again, okay?

Later heading to scout bridesmaid dresses with Zoe and her merry girls. HAHAHA.

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