Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vesak Day Insomnia

Yeah, I don't actually know anybody who celebrates Vesak Day. Hahaha. But it's a welcome break anyway!

I took Monday off for my exam, and yes! I'm finally done with my Intro to Sosci exam. So, this happened, like 10 minutes before our exam...

*le Nas and I reading through my Intro to SoSci notebook*
Me: "Did you study the Totalitarian, Authoritarianism and Democracy topic? I didn't."
Nas: "Yeah, not really..."
Me: "Let's just read through."
*5 mins of silent reading later, doors open and we enter the exam hall*

Then I flipped open the question paper and there was a 25-mark question on Totalitarian, Authoritarianism and Democracy. WTF RIGHT??? Good thing I managed to remember like at least 70% of what I'd just read. Hahaha I almost laughed out loud and exclaimed, "Omg, I JUST read this!" but I didn't.

So glad the paper is over. Now I just have Moral Compass and Cross Cultural Intelligence to go.

My entire Tuesday was spent staying over at Dad's studying. And this is how I study! I made myself about half a pot of tea and used it to concentrate my brain.

My lovely brother also stayed home because PHs are rest days. So we went to tea together at Croute! My favourite pancake place EVERRRRR. I had a croissant though, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the croissant was of pretty good texture. Gryphon tea, as good as ever!

I left the house really early this morning because... Da da da... I didn't sleep!

I KNOW, right? Me! The person who is capable of falling asleep for the entirety of a 15-minute bus ride. I took a warm shower and lay down at like 12AM and tried to sleep. Realized I wasn't sleepy at all, so I browsed the Internet until 12:30AM. No fatigue. 1AM. 2AM. By the time 4AM rolled around, I gave up because my alarm was set for 7AM anyway. Watched 90210 until like 5:30AM and went to shower and get ready.

Ended up leaving the house at the crack of dawn and reaching the office at 7:30AM. WTF. Thought I'd get in a couple hours of peaceful work before everyone else arrived, since lying awake is totally unproductive anyway. And I succeeded!

I know you're thinking I couldn't sleep because of how much tea I drank, but that's simply not true. I quit tea at like 5PM and switched to water, which I have been doing since the time I drank tea after 8PM and couldn't get to sleep until 5AM. Plus, Nortriptyline is a drowsy medicine, so I simply don't geddit.

Insomnia, Y U choose the most inappropriate times to target me?!

I HATE CHU. HATE CHU SO MUCH THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR IT. I tried everything ok! I was too warm so I kicked all the covers off my body. Then too cold so I covered my feet wtf. I once saw this documentary about human sleep patterns that talked about the myth of warm baths/showers about an hour before bed helping you to sleep... It's actually a scientifically-proven fact, did you know that? The warm water boosts your body temperature to above average, and as you lay inactive, your body temperature cools down to average temperature. This process of your body temperature dropping essentially lulls you to sleep.

Okay, I tried that too (habit to bathe before bed, anyway). Didn't work. Changed my sleeping position about a million times (a move otherwise known as the toss-and-turn) and was freaking comfortable. NO SLEEP CAME. After trying all these, I got hungry, fml. Like major tummy rumbles and feeling the acid moving around the lining of stomach. So I got out of bed and drank a tiny cup of milk. Got back into bed. Nothing for like hours!

A tiny bit of fatigue between the hours of 2:15AM to 2:45AM. So I cleared my mind, like Snape recommended to do before learning Occlumency. I wasn't even really thinking about anything.

3AM: Still fucking awake. WAIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Last night, all these memes were running through my head:

And right now, I'm just like:

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