Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The ultimate guide to getting free shipping from Amazon in Singapore

Amazon is Amazing! I can get all kinds of stuff on it that they obviously don't sell in Singapore. The shipping, however, is seriously killer. It can be so expensive! Let's see... I bought the Time for Tea 1 Cup of Perfect Tea measuring spoon.

So that's:

2 x Time for Tea English original 1 Cup of Perfect Tea measuring spoon/scooper: $1.45
Item subtotal: $2.90
Shipping and Handling: $23.97
Order total: $26.87

Which makes it $13.435 per spoon! WHAT THE SHIT. Okay, so Amazon has this thing called FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping and I finally figured out how it works so I got awesome free shipping as long as the order is above USD$125. (I hope they don't skimp on the packing, though! :x)

So now when I buy a couple of tea sets:

Gracie China 11-Piece Vintage Porcelain Tea Set, Red Rose: $90.89
Gracie China Vintage Blue Rose Porcelain 11-Piece Tea Set, Blue: $86.67

Item Subtotal: $177.56
Shipping and Handling: $69.96
Promotion applied: -$69.96
Order total: $177.56

YAY! Okay, I read about so many people having trouble with it on HardwareZone, so here's a step by step guide to getting free international shipping with Amazon.

(Note: All pictures can be clicked to enlarged)

Step 1: Sign in!

Step 2: Search for what you want. I'm looking for Gracie China!

Step 3: Marvel at the many products available to you! Take note of the sidebar to the left...

Step 4: Scroll down the sidebar and look for the "International Shipping" selection. Select "AmazonGlobal Eligible" and the website will filter all the products available for international shipping.

Amazon has some other conditions for free global shipping, and you can read them here. For example, your item must be:

  • Sold by Amazon.com
  • Not 20lb or more
  • Not oversized
  • Not e-documents, software downloads, music downloads, Kindle devices and accessories, and gift cards.

Step 5: Add the item to your cart and click continue, then click 'Ship to this address'.

Step 6: On the next page, under Choose a shopping speed, select the 'FREE AmazonGlobal Saver' option. Click continue!

Step 7: Finish up your order! Check both sections I highlighted in pink. Make sure shipping isn't calculated! Click 'Place your order in SGD' and you're good to go!

Have fun shopping!

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