Thursday, 15 May 2014

Simin + Bangs Rant + I hate meat

Guess who came back to visit my office!

Si Min!! <3 I was so glad to see her. Hehe. So Alvin took us out for Ba Kut Teh at this shop we used to frequent when we could be bothered to come out for lunch.

Yeah I look terrible, hahaha. This is how I always look at work, glasses and bad hair.

We ordered You Tiao, Braised Peanuts, Kailan, and Ba Kut Teh, obviously. I don't really like meat so I ordered plain mee sua with the soup.

I know right, I'm damn weird like that. Ever since I started watching serial killer documentaries (especially the cannibalistic ones) I've liked meat less and less until now I can only eat meat that doesn't even look like it used to come from a living, breathing animal. Or if it's really processed, like sausage. Or chicken nuggets.

I'm so terrible at taking selfies, haha. I sent this photo to baby and he said "Wow baby lolol, that's like your derp face" -.- he's supposed to tell me that I look pretty right?! Fml. But yes, no dispute on the dead eyes.

The point of this post is to show my momentous decision to change my parting and grow out my fringe!

This is my fringe length normally. And I have had sideswept bangs since I was 14. 

I have come to the conclusion that it looks too childish to be normal for a soon-to-be 23 year old. Growing up means having bangs that don't cover your eyes and blends into your hair. And I'm actually not okay with my long bangs and huge forehead because my face shape is just terribly odd.

(It really is.)

Okay abrupt topic shift!

To demonstrate how I eat normal food, this is my bowl of Laksa from yesterday's lunch.

I asked the fella to give me only hard boiled egg and fishcake and noodles. No prawns and cockles coz I'm allergic to seafood, and no... other stuff. (Been ordering laksa like this for so long I don't even know what ingredients a normal laksa includes.)

YA DAMN PLAIN HAHA I know. I always eat super bland food and as little ingredients as possible because I love carbs. Pasta, noodles, rice, bread... I never met a carb I didn't like. Teehee. Also, the Tze Char stall aunty at the coffeeshop I frequent thinks I'm vegetarian because I always order vegetarian ee mien, vegetarian fried mee sua etc.

It's a weird way to live, but I could never do without eggs.

Abrupt end to post.

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