Friday, 9 May 2014

Power through the pain

My Friday night was well-spent choosing sarees with Jem, Nandu and K, and then dinner at Wild Honey. Met them at Little India MRT Station and always-thoughtful Jem brought us Char Siew Sous from Imperial Treasure. Maximum deliciousness! Nandu said she liked Swee Choon's ones better and I called her a blasphemer. :x

Look at the gorgeous golden pastry! Craving for it now as I look at it.

Went to Haniffa so Jem could get sarees as Mother's Day presents for Dev's mum and 2 grandmothers. It's beside Ananda Bhavan on Serangoon Road, you can't miss it! The shop was pretty crowded yesterday, I guess many people brought their mums to get sarees too. Halfway through choosing sarees we were startled by this Chinese woman who scurried up to us and was like, "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THAT COUNTER OVER THERE! IT'S LIKE 20 TO 70% OFF! GO SEE! MY SAREE IS ONLY LIKE $30+!!!" erm. We were like O.o okay thanks...

After that, we headed for Wild Honey at Scotts Square. I haven't had it since Shawn came back in November! And we decided on that instead of Dome because Nandu has never been to Wild Honey. LIKE WHUT.

They changed their napkins to this floral design. It says "The wilder the flower, the sweeter the honey". I see what you did thar, Wild Honey. Anyway!

Ordered Assam Teas and English Breakfast, as usual. Nandu ordered a Gallic Breakfast which... I think would be a much better choice for me. Because it's scrambled eggs and Brioche, which is pretty much all I eat from my English Breakfast nowadays!

I don't know why but I've kind of lost my taste for bacon T.T And if I do eat bacon, I only like it fried really, really crisp. Wild Honey's bacon tastes too soft and meaty for me. Also, I'm not really into their pork sausage. You know me, the more processed the better. So I scarfed down my eggs and Brioche but threw my beans, mushrooms, bacon and sausage at Nandu.

...Okay, I didn't throw them at her lah. I handed them over very nicely. So halfway through the meal Jem and I laughed at her and said she might as well have gotten the English. But my excuse was, because she's never been here before, she ought to try everything!

Haha I started dividing up my food before taking a picture :x So I turned my plate 180 degrees and snapped one.

I must say this now: Their Brioche is the thing that brings me back again and again. My favourite bread is Brioche, and Wild Honey's recipe is one of the best. The crust is flaky and crisp and the crumb (the white part) is soooooo soft and moist and the texture is perfectly formed. Especially when it's warm.

Wow, I'm a carb monster. Oh yes, did you know that the white part of bread is called the crumb? Even if it's not crumbly. IKR. Click here for reference.

Okay, now you're thinking why my title is Power through the pain. It's because I did all the shopping and eating through a headache of like pain scale 8 or 9? Yeah. Terrible, I know. NORTRIPTYLINE, FUCKING DO YOUR JOB YOU STUPID CUNT.

My Saturday and Sunday (and 3/4 of Monday) will be spent studying because my exams start on Monday. So this was my last hurrah! Get ready for ranting posts about Social Sciences and Philosophy. Greaaaaaaat.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm reading Silence of the Lambs now (click for pdf) and it's pretty amazing/makes me want to cringe like a morning glory after sunset. The book is really good, though. I wanted to read it before I watched the movie, which I have had forever but never really wanted to watch alone. The movie came out in 1991, the year I was born! 'SUP, JODIE FOSTER.

Alright, I really have to go study now, so bye!

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