Monday, 5 May 2014

My weekend's happy days + some bonus photos!

Just a quick one before I gotta rush off to school!

This was my Friday happy day. Nandu got me a thermos, which I tried out today by bringing (what else?) tea to work. And it doesn't leak! Very happy. :D Also, the tea was still hot when I reached my office.

Saturday was such a happy day! Noh and Siti's wedding and then dim sum with the usuals.

Sunday was fab too. If you didn't see my Instagram, I maked dis: 

Pancakes for breakfast with dad! HOW TALENTED AM I WTF. Okay no lah, see my dad cutting his pancakes in the background? His pancakes are slightly burnt hahaha. Not my fault! He told me when to flip!

Brought out my Gracie China dessert plates and he likes them hehehe. My dad likes floral wtf. But aren't they pretty?!

Used the matching Blue Rose Chintz teacup and saucer, along with my new teaspoons! Cheapo ones from Aliexpress that I'm pretty sure flaked off into my tea wtf. I was drinking metal flakes.


Something else arrived... Floral hankies for Jem's party! Yes, everything is floral themed ikr. I thought they would make good makeshift backgrounds too. And my mom used to use handkerchiefs as well. She would spray perfume on them and all so she can hold them to her face and breathe in nice smells if she walked past like a dumpster or something. -.-

Okay, bye! Need to rush off to school now.

My Monday before-school ritual hahaha. Mango Strudel and then I rush off because I'm so hungry! I think I always had apple strudel until one day my boss bought Mango Strudel for everyone to share in the office. AND I WAS HOOKED! I love mangoes and I love strudel pastry, so this is really... *overcome with emotion over a pastry*

I doggy-bagged one home for baby and he says "it's damn shiok". That's usually what he says when he likes the food he's eating very much.

Edit @ the next day:

I also remembered what else I did on Sunday: plan Zoe's wedding!! She requested a meet up with all her "xiong di" and "jiemei". I'm an honourary one because I'm already married, and technically, bridesmaids and "jiemeis" cannot be married, according to tradition. So I can't be one but that doesn't mean I can't still help her out! Teehee. Because I planned my own wedding like a couple of years ago, there are certain things to prepare that only a wedded bride will know, such as...

Making a list of what ang pow you need to give out and to whom. Also the amounts.

Assigning I/Cs for everything. Runners, ang pow I/C, jewellery I/C etc. Not all can be done by your Maid of Honour (MoH) or Best Man (BM) because they will have to follow you around at all times so they can't simply run off and fetch someone.

Timekeepers. Also very important! Some cultures have auspicious times to get married, and well, lots of houses to go for tea ceremony etc so yes. Much important many responsible indeed. This person makes sure everything happens on time and everyone leaves when they're supposed to. If you want to ruin someone's wedding, simply get their timekeeper drunk and then... yeah, never mind.

Ok, that's all I can think of for now but there are really many things that people won't think of unless reminded by a parent or something, because you get so caught up in the event itself, you forget about all the nitty gritty logistical essentials. Sooooo... I was Zoe's scribe for the meeting and constantly firing off things at her that she immediately asked me to write down hahaha. Which reminds me, I need to compile the notes!

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