Friday, 2 May 2014

My friends are better than yours

On Monday I met Nandu for dinner because I didn't have school. It's like super rare that we meet on a work day but it was so great because I got to catch a rare glimpse of her in her work clothes haha. Here's a photo. I look terrible, hence the star.

We had Pique Nique for dinner. Here's how we decided on that:

Me: "So where should we eat?"
Nandu: "Somewhere where they have, idk, coffee and tea and food?"
Me: "How specific."
Nandu: "Okay I'll google." *Whips out cell phone*
Me: "OH I KNOW!" *grabs her elbow*
Nandu: "What? What?"
Me: "Let's go to Pique Nique!"
Nandu: "We're having a picnic?"
Me: "-.- NO. Like, Pique Nique. At Taka?"
Nandu: "OH, you mean Piku Niku."
Me: "Wait, how the fuck did you just pronounce Pique Nique?!"
Nandu: "I'm not saying it again."

HAHAHA fucking cute I swear.

I had French Toast and she had a Croque Madame. Sacre Bleu! They do some seriously fabulous French Toast and Creme Chantilly. Yes, the toast is French so I felt incredibly French after eating it and had to exclaim Sacre Bleu.

Tuesday I had school, then after that I met up with Dev and Jem because they were just round the corner at Ngee Ann! We had Al-Azhar's Banana Chocolate Prata as recommended by Dev and it was seriously fucking amazing! Two days of super fly food. Seriously. It was so good I forgot to take a picture. Well, I am definitely going back for more of that yummy goodness.

Also, Jem the awesome got me this tea she said I'd like. Rooibos Vanilla Tea. And I do like it very much! It's really fragrant and vanilla-y and soothing. Just a sip and an inhale and I felt myself relaxing. Thanks Jemmy! <3

Seriously can't remember what I did on Wednesday. I think I went for dinner with GK at Vivo and we had tea after?

Yeah. On Thursday (Labour Day, fyeahhhh) we slept in and ordered Macs breakfast for us and his mom. Then in the evening we had Max Brenner's!

I seriously don't know why I always order Suckao! In fact, I honestly don't know why they still have this on their menu... Every time I order it, I burn myself, my tongue, and end up getting pissed off by that. I used to order it all the time way back when I was in secondary school.

If you don't know what Suckao is, basically they give you chocolate drops, milk, a spatula and a fire and you're supposed to melt it, mix it, and drink it.

Today! Headed to Cuscaden Patio for chicken wings with Nandu, Dev, Jem, Zoe, WC, and baby. Always used to drink Midori Melon, but I can't drink since I started taking Nortriptyline, so I stuck to cokes. The wings are still as good though!

This is mine and baby's #ootd hahaha. I asked him to wear black so we'd match. It's my first time wearing this Lilypirates dress although I got it a few months ago.

And also Nandu got me this super cute thermos!! She got Zoe the same one in Tiffany Blue instead of Pink I think. So sweet right? This week I received like 2 gifts alr :') The most amazing thing is, I wanted to get a thermos so I could take tea to work but she beat me to it!! And it's soooo cute wtf. She knows my style exactly. Prolly she picked the gayest one lah.

Seriously cuteness overload. It's the perfect gift omg! I also gave her the flask from Modcloth and FINALLY passed Zoe the Queen of Hearts robe I got from F21 for her to wear when she gets her makeup done on her wedding day. Because lots of photos will be taken during that time so it's important that she has a robe to throw over! I got mine done in a Singha beer singlet and FBTs wtf. Very well done Sarah.

Tomorrow it's Noh's wedding! So excited for the happy couple.

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