Monday, 19 May 2014

Friendship is Magic

Monday and Tuesday at Dad's, studying for my Moral Compass and Cross Cultural Intelligence exams. Studying is never complete without countless cups of strong black tea hahaha.

I've wanted a My Little Pony plush toy forever, so I got one from Build a Bear! (I told the guy I was buying it as a birthday gift for my friend, hahaha. Kind of embarrassing, I am 22 after all.)

I got Rarity - she's my favourite pony, in terms of character. Pinkie Pie seems to be perpetually on laughing gas, Twilight Sparkle's such a grumpypants sometimes, Rainbow Dash is a tomboy and Apple Jack is... well... such a hick. Fluttershy can be really adorable but she's all squeaky.

Rarity's the best! Look at her peeking out of the box ;)

This is how she looks out of the box! Her purple hair is super gorgeous but it tends to fall quite a bit, to my dismay. The guy stuffed her really full for me so she can stand upright, but she's still really huggable and plushy. Teehee.

I'm not really the type of girl who has a thousand stuffed toys on her bed, but I do have my favourites. I used to have a really ugly bunny whose ears my mom always used to tie up to make them neater HAHAHA. This bunny has been around since I was a tiny kid and my brother used to put it in my toy pram and push it down the stairs -.- sadist!

Anyway, terrible things happen to the stuffed toys I have. Baby bought me a lion plushie about 3 years ago from the zoo, and I cuddled it until its eye fell out -.- HAHAHA. More like -.o Well, that won't happen to Rarity because she has embroidered eyes.

I can't wait to finish my exams tonight!

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