Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fasten your seatbelts

Saturday and Sunday afternoon spent at home studying for my Intro to Sosci exam on Monday, which means downing so, so many cups of tea.

Finally finished my box of Dilmah English Breakfast tea sachets and moved onto this brand called the English Tea Shop. Their packaging is so cute but I kind of prefer the taste and fragrance of Dilmah tea.

Look at the tea sachet! It's so adorable!

On Saturday night, baby and I watched Bad Neighbours at Cathay, which was... alright. I like Seth Rogen a lot and I think he's hilarious, but the entire movie made me feel like it didn't have much of a point... It was just, like, pointless humour and I didn't find 60 to 70% of the jokes funny at all. Maybe I'm just getting old and losing my sense of humour :(

After that we went to collect flowers for his mum from Johnson! We always buy flowers from him for our mums and he did my wedding bouquet as well.

The best thing is, he always remembers that I love blue roses and he put aside this beautiful Ecuador blue rose for me! It's SO gorgeous, he always has the most beautiful flowers.

Ok, my hand is so white that the rose looks like it's floating.

Also, I'm trying to watch the Hannibal Lecter movies in sequence so I started with Hannibal Rising, (which has Gaspard Ulliel in it, major drool) and then Silence of the Lambs and after that I guess I'll watch Hannibal. Okay, seriously, Gaspard and Anthony Hopkins are like night and day but both of them have the same creepiness you'd expect from a psychiatrist/serial killer! The movies are so good so far. Especially Anthony Hopkins, I know the deliberate shadowing of his face and the mood set helps him immensely, but the character he creates is so believably chilling that I can't even. Except the part where he eats Pembry's face. That scene was kind of predictably over the top.

Haha, on Friday I was telling Nandu about Hannibal Lecter and he was portrayed by Gaspard Ulliel who's super hot, and she was like, "See, that's unfair. It confuses women!" which is totally true. I'm very sure that most girls are just like, confused by whether they should find attractive serial killers a turn on or off. But that's very true for some serial killers, like Ted Bundy and Jeff Dahmer. According to documentaries, Ted Bundy was a bit of a ladies' man, which is why he never had a shortage of women who'd follow him to their slaughter, and Jeff was kind of a sweetheart in the gay community, except for the fact that he liked to subdue his victims by drugging and murdering them...

Anyway. Back to Intro to SS! T.T

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