Saturday, 3 May 2014

Dreaming of Californication

Today, Jem, Dev, GK and I attended Noh and Siti's wedding! All the photos of us with them were taken by the wedding photographer though hehe. So here's some unprofessional ones of us!

Jemaine and I <3 She wore this sweet floral tea dress and I wore a burgundy maxi.

Baby was supposed to wear a red shirt to match with me but he decided to wear this shirt instead. I like it, he looks gorgeous!

Jem and I asked them to take a photo of us and they were all like #butfirstletmetakeaselfie -.-

And then they asked us to help them take one. Our boys are such camwhores!

After the wedding, we headed for some awesome dim sum at Swee Choon with Nandini! Edited the following pics with VSCO Cam. I really like that app, btw.

The last couple of times we came here, they were all out of Char Siew Sou so we ordered like 6 of them today.

I really like this picture of us.

Dev is on his phone...

Dev is NOT on his phone.

And that's our day! Loads of pictures today and very little words, which is rare for me haha. Alright then! Goodnight everyone.

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