Friday, 9 May 2014

And so begins the weekend before my exams

HOW terrible is it that I have an exam the day after Mother's Day?! It means that I'll have spend the entire day studying! At least I got her flowers though.

Went home the other day to take my brother and Mil out for ice cream, but he didn't even eat any -.- Took some pictures of my gorgeous Gracie China Chintz teacups while waiting. Haha. I downloaded like 30+ filters from VSCO Cam! Overkill? They make my photos look so good, though. *cough* amateur *cough

Had a cup of tea (or ten) while waiting for him to come home.

My favourite ice cream place always. Ice Cream Gallery <3 I always sit under this sign and it throws off a really red tone onto all my pictures, which explains the photo below. This place is pretty great for watching the world go by, chilling, and doing my calligraphy. Sometimes that's what I do here!

I had an apple crumble and the Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Nothing beats spending time with family.

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