Friday, 16 May 2014



And K tells me I have a derp face!?! *rageeeee

Okay, maybe slightly derpy. I can't figure out a good angle to take photos in with my long bangs. Which explains why I look pretty terrible in the photos below. But K looks good so I'm going to post them:

Woohooooo Pizza Hut!!! I usually know what I'll order even before I sit down. Chicken Royale Pasta with Pepsi. Sometimes Garlic Bread, if I'm feeling especially peckish. Today we decided to try the X-men pizza set, though.

That weird drink in the soda glass is called Fizzy Blast and it's basically diabetes in a glass because Mountain Dew + Passionfruit syrup. Super sweet. And Garlic Breadddddd *holds palms to the heavens, cue holy music*

The cheese on the pizza was rather jelat, but I don't especially like pizza anyway.

Okay, we went to Toys R US to get a present for our niece, Janisha. Her birthday is next week! And I found a Hello Kitty plushie that was awesomely cute and huggable, so I carried it around the store.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? Terrible hair.

We found a scooter for her, and then I made baby take a picture with this horrible squishy thingy.

And I took a selfie with a dinosaur. HAHAHA. Okay, maybe I have a little bit of derp-face-syndrome.

Today we're watching Godzilla! HAHAHA, I keep thinking of the Jeff Dunham and Peanut video when I think of Godzilla. Do you know who Jeff Dunham is? How could you not?! Please educate yourself by watching the video below kthxbye.

Right now I'm at my house again, studying, before meeting baby later. I finally got a kettle jug, the instant kind.

This is my old kettle. It belonged to my grandma before she passed away, and my family has probably used it since before my brother was born? That would make this kettle more than 30 years old! *grudging respect for 30-year-old kettle*

Hahaha! Anyway I didn't throw it away because my dad suddenly had a fit of sentimentality (FOR A KETTLE WTFBBQ) So it's still on its throne of honour on the stove.

I bought this from Giant yesterday. Hahaha $16.90! Damn cheap, but anyway I've finally gotten it. As a tea drinker, it's something I've wanted for ages. It's a pain in the ass to have to put the kettle on for like 15 mins every time I want a cup of tea. Now I can have one in under 5 minutes!

UGH studying Moral Compass today, which is terrible, and I accidentally wrote down "Immanuel Cunt" instead of "Kant". Whoops! Haha! But from what David tells us, Kant really does sound like an anal cunt, which is why Nas and I always call him "Cunt" instead of "Kant".

Back to Deontology D: wish me luck!

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