Tuesday, 27 May 2014

AFK for 3 days

Sick for the past two days and absolutely miserable at home! I don't know where I could have caught this stomach bug from but I've never felt more queasy in my life! (No, I'm not pregnant) Kept vomitting, and I even felt nauseous when drinking water.

On the other hand...

Baby passed his TP!!

I feel so fortunate with him to take care of me these past couple of days, because he had a half day yesterday and had leave today for his TP. So both days he came back early to nap with me and kept checking to make sure I was alive -.-

Taking him out for dessert tomorrow after work to celebrate his new license. Also, I'm going stir crazy being cooped up at home for the whole day, although I have appreciated the extra nap-time. Haha. Had no choice because of the extreme dizziness and feverishness though.

But one thing I'm happy about is the general loss of appetite because I'm so pukey and everything smells unappetizing because my nose is all stuffy plus my general distaste for greasy foods. Haha! Opportunity to lose weight! Girls will be girls I guess.

Can't wait to head back to work tomorrow!

UPDATE @ 29/5:

I felt faint yesterday, so I extended my MC to 3 days and I really couldn't miss any more work so I came back today, and I still feel slightly like I'm going to keel over if I don't get a lot of calories fast BUT all the food at my office area seriously sucks balls, it's all so greasy and awful. I had a fainting dream earlier last week, and it looks like it may come to pass lololol. My stomach is still really tender, I feel like I'd throw up if I eat anything too savoury or oily. Blech.

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